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iTRAIN is considered to be the newest and most convenient workout program that is available to people today. This is because the workouts can be downloaded onto any type of media player that the consumer may have. In this review, some of the points of this program will be examined so that it may be determined if this program could be as effective as it is convenient.


The iTRAIN program appears to be made up of 6 different parts. iTRAIN Gold, Cardio, SCULPT & STRENGTH, STRETCH-Yoga & Pilates, iTEENTRAIN, and Albums. Now, each category will be briefly described.

iTRAIN Gold-Natalie Coughlin- This part of the program is instructed by Natalie Coughlin, and 11 time Olympic Medal winner in swimming. Her expertise is guaranteed to motivate anyone. Cardio includes programs is supposed to be a compilation of extremely motivating and easily followed cardio workouts. SCULPT & STRENGTH is a group of workouts that is derived from 4 different types of workouts that can sculpt your body. These are administered as traditional yoga, ballet strength training, and traditional strength. STRETCH – Yoga & Pilates was designed to help the person doing the workout gain flexibility and strength, to firm the body and ultimately end the workout feeling refreshed and relaxed. iTEENTRAIN is a workout regiment that was compiled to be an entertaining and motivating workout that is based on boxing and hip-hop dancing. Although targeted toward teenagers, it was mentioned that it is a good workout for adults as well.

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Albums is a program that was created for people that may need a system that will help them to obtain certain goals in an accelerated amount of time. These workouts and diets are considered to be vigorous and strict and they are not supposed to be used for long term use. They consist of acquiring a better golf swing, achieving a 6 week body makeover, for post natal mothers, triathlon training, and even a program to help the bride-to-be get into shape before their wedding.

iTRAIN is a compilation of several workout programs that can be downloaded onto any computer or mp3 media player. Nearly everyone can benefit from at least one of the programs. It was created by the Hollywood Fitness instructor Grace Lazenby, and Sebastian Reant, the person who came up with the idea of putting workouts onto mp3 players for the convenience of the customer. This program may be used either by purchasing the Unlimited Resolutions ( a 12 month plan), Monthly Motivator (pay by the month), or A La Carte where each program is paid for individually.

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  • Has several workout options to choose from.
  • Long term and short term programs.
  • 3 different payment plans to choose from.


  • No diet recommendations for long term programs.
  • No supplement recommendations.


iTRAIN is a compilation of several different workout regimens that were designed to benefit several different types of people. They can be downloaded directly to a computer or mp3 player. While this may seem convenient, it may also have a downside. This is due to the difficulty of having to mimic the movements of the person on the mp3 player, which often has a small screen that may be less than easy to watch while exercising.

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