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It’s Not About Food is a book that seems to address the psychological side of weight gain. The full name of the book is It’s Not About Food: Change Your Mind; Change Your Life; End Your Obsession with Food and Weight. The authors of the book are Carol Emery Normandi and Laurelee Roark. In this review, some of the points of the book will be addressed so that its concept may be better understood.


The book It’s Not About Food contains 9 chapters that address the deep seated issues that are related to weight gain. The chapters are titled as follows: Chapter 1-What’s It Really About? Life Beyond Hunger, Chapter2-Letting Go of Judgment, Chapter 3-Becoming Conscious, Chapter 4-Honoring the Physical Body, Chapter5-Embracing the Emotional Body, Chapter6-Reclaiming the Spiritual Self, Chapter7-Living Your Truth, Chapter8-Trusting Your Process, Chapter9-Receiving the Gifts.

It’s Not About Food consists of about 217 pages, including the Bibliography, Index, and the “About Beyond Hunger” section.

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It’s Not About Food is based on the same concept that is used in the non-profit workshop that was founded by the 2 authors. It has been noted that the authors themselves suffered from eating disorders until they received the same revelation that the book is based upon. It seems that the book addresses the underlying issues that could be the cause of the overeating and weight gain in some people. The authors believe that if a person could address these certain issues that are mentioned in the book, then they could ultimately gain control over the roller coaster diet and lifestyle. If the reader can find the root of the problem then they could regain control, and learn how to feed their soul and spirituality, instead of feeding their stomachs. It is the authors’ theory that women may confuse spiritual hunger with stomach hunger, which causes them to overeat. The book is truly a compassionate approach that relieves women of their beliefs that overeating is their fault, and therefore places the blame on their underlying issues. Women tend to find it very comforting to know that they are not alone and that it is not their fault.

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  • Addresses issues that most people do not think about.
  • Both of the authors are able to relate to the readers through their own experiences.


  • People have a tendency to buy books and never read them.
  • Won’t yield results much different from other diet/exercise programs you may have already tried.


It’s Not About Food is not the same type of approach that is most often used to address weight loss issues. It is a popular belief that only products with appetite suppressants could help with the hunger pangs. However, if the person has underlying issues, then taking all of the appetite suppressants in the world is not going to do any good, and it will not keep them from overeating.

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