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What You Should Know

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ITV Ventures is a website that offers business opportunities to people who are looking to start their own home based business by buying and selling perishable product lines such as supplements and vitamin drinks.

List of Ingredients

The ITV Ventures website offers over nine different supplemental and vitamin products which are Almighty Cleanse, Estrosym, SolarCal-D, FlexProtex, Lipistat, WaferThin, Straight 2 Sleep, Etopical, and Figo Juice.

Product Features

The ITV Ventures website sells a product called Almighty Cleanse that is a 7-day detox program offering five different formulas based on the type of detox you are looking to start. Formula 3 detoxifies the liver and gallbladder, Formula 4 is for the kidneys and bladder, Formula 5 is for the circulatory and blood system, Formula 6 is a complete body detoxification, and Formula 7 provides “superfoods” to benefit the entire body.

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  • The ITV Ventures site promotes wellness as well as business opportunities for beginning a first time home based business.
  • ITV Ventures offers products directly from the official ITV Ventures website instead of having to go through other vendors.


  • A start up fee of $165.00 is required in order to become a “seller” as well as an annual fee of $99.
  • The products sold through ITV Ventures are not well known products and are costly at about $89.95 per month for most of the products.
  • The ITV Ventures website is not user-friendly and tends to be a bit confusing while navigating the site.


The official ITV Ventures site did not seem to be well maintained since many of the links advise that they were going to be updated some time in 2007 but never were. Although pretty self explanatory, the ITV Ventures website was not user-friendly and was confusing when it came to attempting to order a product. ITV Ventures offers a business opportunity for beginning a home based business by selling their supplements and vitamin drinks, and even detoxifiers. There is a start up fee of $165.00 as well as an annual fee of $99, and that is just the basic package. The “premier” package will cost a business owner $334 to start up.

You may or may not make back that money in sales since the products sold are not well known in society so there is a high risk in starting up this business. Their strategy is that the more people you have “beneath” you selling the products, the more money you have the opportunity to make. We do not agree that this is the best type of business to begin with when starting up your first home based business since the potential to make money weighs on whether you are able to sell the business opportunity to others.

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