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iVillage Total Health is a website dedicated to all things health related. With everything diet and weight loss, to sex and relationships, this subsection of the iVillage community website aims to be a comprehensive resource to answer all your questions. We will take a closer look at everything this has to offer to help you determine if it is a viable tool for your weight loss journey.

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iVillage Total Health features the following sections: Look It Up, Healthy Living, Love and Sex, Diet and Fitness, Kids’ Health, Message Boards, and Videos. The Look It Up section is a reference section where you can look up a variety of health conditions and learn more about them. If you are wondering if you should go to the doctor for something or if there is a home remedy you can use to treat it, this is the section you need. The Healthy Living section is full of tips and tricks to learn about how you can make changes to your lifestyle to lead a healthier life. The Love and Sex section is related to all issues with relationships, sexual health, and more. The Diet and Fitness section is full of tips and information to help you learn how to eat right and exercise to produce weight loss. The Kids’ Health section provides information for children, to keep them healthy and instill good health habits at a young age. The Message Boards are a community where you can interact with other users. The videos section features video clips with valuable information.

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  • iVillage Total Health is free.


  • iVillage Total Health’s website will not actually hold you accountable.
  • You must be willing to take what you learn form this website and apply it your daily lifestyle if you want to see results.
  • This does not address a fat burner or appetite suppressant.


iVillage Total Health is a good source of advice and support for people who are looking to lose weight, but it will and should not take the place of actual dieting and exercise. It should be used as a motivator, as an educational resource, and as a support group to keep you going with the plan you choose. For the best weight loss results, you should eat fewer calories in your diet than you burn through your daily activity and exercise. For those who do not feel dieting and exercise alone is enough to produce the results you are looking for, there is always the option to use a dietary weight loss supplement. Though there are many on the market, looking for one backed by clinical research is a good way to get a product you can trust.

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