Jack Zatorski Push Up Pro Review

Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Pushup Pro was created by Jack Zatorski, who set the world record for pushups in 2003. Jack wanted to create a tool which could make exercising easier and to overall maximize your workout. The Pushup Pro gives a complete upper body workout by working out the chest, shoulders, arms, back, and abs, in a fast and smooth way without the hassle. The Pushup Pro also promises that you will see results within 10 days if you use it consistently. Your workout is ultimately done by incorporating the Pushup Pro handles and rotating sockets, which overall boosts your workout by helping you perform better and more effective pushups. With the Pushup Pro, more muscles are targeted more effectively while reducing the typical strain on wrists and joints that you would usually get from doing regular pushups.


Set of 2 pushup grips.

Product Features

Pushup Pro’s rotating grips allow the arms and shoulders to move more freely and easily as compared to doing regular pushups. Because of the rotating grips, more muscles are targeted more effectively and therefore less strain on the wrists and elbows. This also helps to stabilize your back and shoulders at the same time. Pushup Pro is proven to rapidly strengthen the chest, shoulders, arms, back, and abs, leaving you with an entire upper body workout done. Pushup pro works on any flat floor surface and is easy to bring virtually anywhere, whether you are going home, work, or the gym. Also, a key feature of the Pushup Pro is that it appeals to people of all ages and expertise levels. Whether you can do 1 or 100 pushups, the Pushup Pro can help you train to achieve your goals. A regular pushup is one of the most effective exercises you can do because it requires your entire body to function, as it pays attention to major muscle groups. The Pushup Pro is designed to give a better pushup without the hassle.

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  • Creates a more natural, free movement when working out.
  • Reduces strain on wrists, elbows, and joints.
  • Product designed for all ages and difficulty levels.
  • Product is very portable and easy to use.
  • You ultimately get a more effective pushup with less hassle and less risk of injury.


  • Does not come with instructions on how to maintain the perfect form when performing a pushup with the device.


Jack Zatorski’s Pushup Pro is a handy device when looking for a great upper-body workout. It is specially designed for people of all ages and experience levels, so you can go at your own pace. It is portable and gives your entire upper body an intense workout without most of the hassle when doing regular pushups.

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