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Jacked Up is not a unique testosterone booster formula. The same ingredients are used in this formula as a hundred other test boosters, but we do find an interesting sales technique. There is no website selling a long list of supplements or even a dedicated website for Jacked Up. The only thing we found was one page that looked more like a sales page for an eBook or diet plan than a supplement. At the bottom of the page is a link to learn more. That link takes you to another page, nearly identical to the first, but this time you can purchase the supplement for around $50 a bottle.

Jacked Up is not the same as other Jacked supplements that increase energy and metabolism. This one is for testosterone production. There is very little support for test boosters in the bodybuilding market because few natural ingredients have any effect on testosterone levels and none boost levels above normal.

List of Ingredients


  • Eurycoma Longfolia
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • MACA
  • Damiana

Product Features

Jacked Up is a combination of commonly used ingredients that are supposed to build or boost testosterone, but they really have no effect at all. The testimonials all over the website about how energy is increased are nothing by a sham. These are clearly testimonials from paid users and some may even be given by people who never used the product at all. The ingredients simply do not back up these claims of increased energy.

We did find a few claims that were likely, however. For hundreds of years eurycoma and tribulus have been used as libido boosters. This is likely where the supplement companies got the bright idea to use these ingredients in test boosters. If the user feels like having sex more often, they think testosterone levels are higher – but the two are not connected in this case.

We found no trusted supplement company behind the supplement and no return policy. Two bottle retail for more than $80.

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  • Ingredients listed online.
  • May increase libido.
  • Most of the ingredients are generally considered safe.


  • Jacked Up is not going to boost testosterone.
  • This is not the same Jacked supplement that is an energy booster.
  • No website for the supplement other than a sales page.
  • No return policy.


Jacked Up is another testosterone booster that makes a lot of claims, but does not have the power to back those claims up. We found no reason to trust the company (whoever they may be) behind the supplement or to believe the supplement works as claimed.

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    The Add in the Enquirer is GROSS!!!!!!! That old man who was photo chopped is hilarious! I love the Enquirer but will not buy it now because of this add!


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    kathi hey rich

    how to get this free


    erick thevenin

    I want to try it


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    Tom majors

    I ordered two bottles of jacked up for a friend of mine and have not received any please respond


  • 4
    Tom Blanton

    I am alrerady taking Ageless Male , if I take Jacked up , will it increase my testosterone level to high , I take 2 ageless male daily and have for some time , but if I increase my intake to 4 pills a day , I get very strung out and am ready to fight at the drop of a hat , and I can’t afford to be like that , ageless male has been good for me , I guess I want just a little more


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    You cannot trust anyone or anything when someone is asking for money.


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