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Jackie Warner is a fitness guru that runs SkyLab and produces a line of clothing and weight loss workouts. The star gained popularity when she starred in a hit fitness show Work Out. Work Out was based on Jackie Warner’s life and interaction with SkyLab. The buff fitness star claims SkyLab produces results with an average weight loss of 8.5 pounds in a week.

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Fitness guru and personal trainer.

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At the center of Jackie Warner fitness is SkyLab. Located in Dolphin Bay California, SkyLab is a week-long fitness and dieting camp. Days start at 6:00 AM and run until 8:30 PM. Throughout the day, participants are asked to workout four hours, attend healthy eating seminars and group therapy sessions. Meals and lodging are provided during the week long session with double occupancy costing $4000 and single occupancy $5000. The price for one week includes transportation to and from the airport, meals, lodging, workout sessions with Jackie and her staff and take home gifts. Medical clearance from a physician and legal waiver are required before participants can attend SkyLab. We could find no updated schedule on the Jackie Warner website for upcoming SkyLab weeks.

Though Jackie Warner spends much of her time at SkyLab. Warner also offers personal training sessions to people living in the local area. The SkyShop is also available on the Jackie Warner website. SkyShop sells clothing and one workout DVD. The Bars and Shakes tab contains no products. When we licked the calendar tab, there was a 2009 calendar listed for sale, which could mean the product listing has not been updated in nearly a year.

After leaving Work Out the series behind, Jackie Warner returned to her roots and filmed a new series for Bravo TV. The new series called Thinspiration, follows 8 people trying to lose weight. During their time with Jackie Warner, they will follow a specific eating plan developed by Jackie that includes severely reduced sugar intake and liver detox. Dieters are also allowed two cheat meals during the weekend.

The Jackie Warner book, This is Why You’re Fat, sells for $16.49 new on Amazon.com. Clothing varies in price based on piece ordered.

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  • Jackie Warner is a personal trainer and fitness guru.
  • The Thinspiration series targets weight loss and a life change rather than just a meal change.
  • Low sugar diets tend to increase weight loss when followed properly.
  • Jackie Warner believes in supplementation (or detox).


  • SkyLab is very expensive.
  • Information on the official website has not been updated in a long time.
  • Reducing sugar is not the only solution for weight loss.


Jackie Warner is not a nutritionist or a doctor, so creating a healthy eating plan may focus more on personal choices rather than medical fact. Warner is, however, a trusted name in weight loss and fitness. Her physique mirrors the potential all dieters have when following her eating and workout plan. Thinspiration may be a great supportive tool for weight loss.

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  • 1
    Kim Patrick

    Hi Jackie. I have bought your book 10 pounds in 10 days and my dilemma is that my local grocery stores took alfalfa sprouts off shelves when an e. Colin problem came about. Can I eat bean sprouts instead?


  • 2

    Hi Jackie
    I purchased your book and have already lost weight. I love the shakes and exercise everyday. Can I used the shakes as a meal supplement?


  • 3
    Lavail Benton

    Hey jackie I waqtch just the end of your show and how you helped them I’m 24 and need to lose weight bad I got to boys and no energy. My question is do you got a system i can buy I need lose weight?


  • 4
    sintra sampath

    I have a 17 year old son. He does have a weight problem . He works out everyday, plays tennis , I even watches wat he eat. he cannot seem to get the weight off. I cry every night thinking about how he struggles. We argue all the time. I saw your program and I was so amazed at the results. Please help my son reach his gold . Will do whatever it takes.


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