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You have to be careful about the diet pills and weight loss products you find online. After all, there are many dietary supplements that are not regulated at all. This means they could contain harmful ingredients and lead to serious side effects. If you are uncertain about a specific supplement, you should consult a licensed physician. We are going to scrutinize the weight loss product, Jadera Diet Pills. It is one of countless weight loss supplements available through online stores.


  • Citrus Aurantium Extract (Bitter Orange Fruit)
  • Cassia Seed Extract
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract
  • Job’s Tears Seed
  • Medicinal Starch

Product Features

Jadera Diet Pills can be found through select online dealers. This formula is claimed to help suppress appetite, boost energy levels, and increase thermo genesis. You can acquire this weight loss supplement for around $22.50. It is manufactured in China, and not approved by the FDA. There is no special diet that applies to Jadera Diet Pills, and no exercise is recommended with this diet product.

Cassia Seed Extract is found in Jadera Diet Pills. It is used in this supplement to help flush out the digestive tract. It will help increase regularity, and remove intestinal waste. Mulberry Leaf Extract is also used in this supplement, and benefits by reducing water retention. Medicinal Starch is incorporated to help reduce fat intake or absorption. Job’s Tears is also included, and aids with toxin removal, which may also assist with weight loss. However, the core ingredient is Bitter Orange Fruit Extract, which is Citrus Aurantium. This is an alternative to Ephedra, and it contains Synephrine. Unfortunately this ingredient may also cause similar side effects to Ephedra.

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  • This diet pill contains natural plant ingredients.
  • Jadera Diet Pills may help flush out the large intestine, which can be beneficial to overall health.


  • Very little data is provided on Jadera Diet Pills.
  • It may concern some dieters that this weight loss supplement is made in China.
  • It appears that there is a ban on this diet pill in the United States.
  • No healthy lifestyle is recommended with this weight loss product.


First of all, it appears that Jadera Diet Pills are banned in the US. Therefore you may not even be able to buy them in the United States. Secondly, you should be concerned about the Synephrine found in this weight loss formula. After all, this substance works like Ephedra, and may lead to dangerous side effects like Ephedra does. This reason alone will probably deter a lot of people from trying this diet pill. Lastly, this supplement is made in China, which may raise a few eyebrows to say the least.

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21 User Reviews about Jadera Diet Pills

  • 1
    Adrienne thomas

    just started today. Will keep folks updated


  • 2

    I was wanting to know if it works for men as well?


    Adrienne thomas



  • 3

    I have been taking Jadera for just 2 days. I already feel shortness in my breath and rapid heartrate.


    Adrienne thomas

    they may not be for you!


  • 4

    I’ve been taking them for 2.5 months with diet and exercise, I’ve lost almost 30lbs. I don’t sleep hardly ever tho. I have a 1year old little boy who keeps me going non stop, so the lack of sleep is partially because of him. I’m not sure if my exhaustion is the JaDera or normal for mommyhood. Also not sure if it’s the pills working or me actually putting in the work, but can’t I complain about losing 27lbs. Lol


    Adrienne thomas



  • 5

    I Took Jadera Piils For 1 Month & I Lost 10pounds No Diet No Extercise.


  • 6

    Have been on Jadera for 9 days. I have not really changed my eating habits. Worked out 3 of the 9 days for about 45mins each, and weighed in today, 7lbs lost. Lots of energy, cravings gone (beer was my weakness), dry mouth.. Other than that, no bad side effects! I’m very pleased so far


  • 7

    Have taken these for 2 months. Lost 13 lbs., no exercise, have energy, and all around feel better. Dry mouth is my side effect.



    so this would be the only side effect for you?
    you would not get all shakey??


    Your Name

    Very true


  • 8

    There are several different Jaderas on the market, which one is the article referring to? There’s a USA formula (original and plus), a Chinese formula (original and plus) and a purple label which is said to be with one with the controlled substance with all the side effects.


  • 9

    I took these diet pills before and lost weight felt great and didn’t have an appetite! So I decided if try them again!! While I still have no appetite and seem to have more energy even working nights I can go on About 4 hrs of sleep a day!! On the down side since taking these pills for about a week twice already while taking my normal hot showers I have had a hard time catching my breath! The first time I over looked it thinking maybe the water was just a bit hotter than normal. The next day (yesterday) I took a shower and couldn’t breath again. The whole time I was trying to catch my breath! The other side effect I have noticed was tingling and numbness on the right side of my back!! I’m kind of worried about this and I’m not planning in buying another bottle if I see that this continues!!



    Did this continue ? I’m feeling the same way


  • 10

    I took them for a full month and lost only 10 pounds I went on a stric diet and was exercising while taking them so I really don’t think they helped


  • 11

    was wondering if my diet pills Bella-vi are very simiar to these pills? and the dangers involved with this pills/


  • 12

    I have been taking Jadera for 3 weeks. I have lost about 15 pounds! I have not had any trouble sleeping or mood swings. HOWEVER, I have had shortness of breath for almost 2 weeks now. Originally, I thought it was allergies, but the last two days I’ve been experiencing a tingling in my lips, diziness and I am having a very hard time breathing. I feel like I might die at any second right now. I’m about to go to the doctor. I’m absoluetly sure it’s these pills. I’m done.


  • 13

    my daughter is using jadera weight loss pills. She doesnt sleep and blames that on stress, and her family, could it be the pills. She is also, moody and has become quite nasty. Help



    They make me jittery and moody.



    I lost 55 pounds on jadera starting july2013 to october I feel great if you arnt sleeping while takin jadera is because you need to take it early about 8am by 10pm you are ready to sleep and you will sleep hard .. if you take jadera later you will be up all night