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Jadera claims to be a powerful weight loss supplement, that offers to help you lose up to 38 pounds in one month. Safe, healthy weight loss is no more than two pounds a week, so this seems to be a highly exaggerated claim. Still, we will take a closer look at the ingredients to see what the fuss is all about.

List of Ingredients

Jadera does not provide a full list of ingredients, but there are a limited number of ingredients available from third party reviews. These ingredients include: bitter orange fruit extract (synephrine), cassia seed extract, mulberry leaf extract, jobstears seed, and medical starch.

Product Features

Bitter Orange fruit extract, also known as synepherine, is a natural cousin to ephedra. It is thought to produce the same fat burning benefits, without all the harsh side effects. Cassia seed extract is a natural laxative designed to help regulate the bowels. Mulberry leaf extract is thought to be able to help control blood sugar levels, and is a natural diuretic to help remove water weight from the body. Jobstears seed is another natural laxative. Medical starch, claims to be able to reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs from your foods, but there is not any medical evidence or research to support the claims.

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  • Bitter orange is proven to help burn fat.


  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • At $50 a bottle, this product is expensive and does not have quality ingredients to match.
  • We cannot see how much of each ingredient is in the formula, so we don’t know if there is enough to produce results.
  • The Bitter Orange and natural laxatives made lead to negative side effects including: nausea, diarrhea, loose stools, headaches, jitters, insomnia, and anxiety.
  • They do not disclose a full ingredient list. Without the full ingredients list, it seems like the company is trying to hide something.
  • They do not disclose the ingredient amounts. Without the full amounts of the ingredients, we cannot really tell if the product is safe or not.


Due to the lack of full information about the product’s ingredients and ingredient amounts, combined with the exaggerated weight loss claims, we do not recommend you use this product. If you choose to use this product anyway, do so with caution, following the directions on the label. Instead, we recommend you continue your research to find a product you know contains proven amounts of proven ingredients for weight loss including a combination of appetite suppressants and fat burners. Then, for the best possible weight loss results, follow a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Combine the balanced diet with a balanced exercise program, and drink more water.

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22 User Reviews about Jadera

  • 1

    I’ve been taking Jadera for about 3 weeks I was having trouble losing the weight I was going up and down with my weight from 298-310. Now I weight 282. I know it’s not a lot but it is a start. the only side effects I encounter is dry mouth and insomnia but that is my fault for taking the pill a bit late since my work hours vary. I do get the energy I need. I do recommend to drink plenty of water Through out the day. The bottle of jadera I have it does give me the ingredients and mg contains. the best part of these pills I do not crave sweets or sugars. It works for me and I am in love with this product I will be taking it for about 7 more weeks. I will keep and update to see how much weight I lost. Good luck to everyone on this journey if I can do it I am sure you can too.


  • 2

    I just started taking Jadera Plus…will give an update. hopefully this helps give me that boost that I’ve been needing to get started on my weight loss journey and becoming healthier and more active!!


  • 3

    Ive used Ja’dera for about 6mos off nd on and have lost 35lbs. I havent had any bad side effects Thank God!I love && want to continue on the product unless I find something better!!


    tarria hamilton

    Where did you order yours from ?


  • 4
    Adrienne thomas

    just statred taking them, will give a honest update.



    any results?


  • 5

    At first I was skeptical about jadera, but its my second day taking it and I hv lost 3 lbs I’m exited and I can’t wait to see how much more I’m going to lose I hv been eating less and I don’t get hungry I just get really thirsty… Jadera really works



    1 week on jadera NO WEIGHT LOSS. Only horrible constipation.


  • 6

    Jadera is my miracle pill down 35 pounds in four weeks with the proper water in take for my weight and following the food charts my distributer sends me… I love love love it.


  • 7

    My niece has a heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot… Is This product safe for her to take???


    Adrienne thomas

    i dont think anyone with a heart condition should take any diet pills!



    No not safe at all. Sorry but it can cause her more problems.


  • 8

    Jadera really works. The most I lost in one month is 15 lb


  • 9

    I take a blood pressure med. is this safe to take



    No not safe best to speak with your doctor first.


  • 10

    I have two stores here in Clovis and I am selling JaDera in one and going to be selling in the other soon, Question is, I’m now buy from a distributor that’s charging me more that I think needed. I would like to know if I can buy them direct and give you my tax numbers for whole sale..
    Thank you , Steve



    Hi did you ever find a legit manufacture that dont sell fake jadera pills ? Lookin for the same info i also buy from a distributor but want to sell more but dont trust manufactures



    I have tried JaDera Plus and I feel lighter already not finished with first bottle, the person I got first bottle from is not ordering any more how do I order, online is a distributor website only. Please help me. Thanks Shawnna


  • 11
    CJ Tweed

    I am a healthy 50 yr old female with no allergies/intolerances. I have used Jadera and it is indeed effective. Whatever the combination/quantity of herbs, Jadera suppresses my appetite, gives me energy, regulates and cleanses bowel movements (ie: large movements with no diareha), no jitters. I have lost 10 lbs in 1 month and have about 20-25 lbs left to get to my goal weight. Yes, alot of this is water weight but my stomach was so bloated before and now that is almost gone. I nake sure to eat small healthy meals and mild exercise (I’m cutting my grass with a reel mower). My point is that I am encouraged and excited to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the appetite suppressant allows me to do that and not cheat on snack food at night (and not feel deprived or starved). If you have a significant amount of weight to lose and are otherwise healthy, I recommend.


  • 12




    Not safe. And not worth risking your health any further. Im sorry but anyone who would sell you a bottle os about the money and does not care about your health. Please consult a doctor before taking. =)


  • 13
    Teresa Easley

    I am gluten intolerant.. will this product hurt me? need to know info on ingrediants.