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Jam Gym is a fitness system designed with MMA workouts in mind. When you visit the official website you are greeted with a YouTube commercial explaining how you can use Jam Gym with your own body weight – no special weights required. With the success of MMA fighting, several training routines and products have come to market using the same training methods the athletes use. Jam Gym may work for someone with a decent fitness background, but your average dieter may not last long using the system.

List of Ingredients


  • Fitness system based on MMA training.

Product Features

Jam Gym comes with a foot harness, gym bag, DVD workouts and a nutrition guide. The system currently retails for $30 plus $10 shipping and handling, but there was a recent price change because the testimonial from Dan Henderson (MMA champion) says the price is $20. The testimonial is printed on the front page of the website, which could cause confusion as to the current price.

If you’re looking for pictures of real life people using the Jam Gym to lose weight and get fit you won’t find any. There are two main people on the website and both are athletes. Aside from the YouTube video there is no information on the actual product or how to use it. We do know the main frame is connected to a household door. Not all doors are strong enough to support the exercises or the body weight of the Jam Gym user.

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  • The official website shows a video explaining the Jam Gym system.
  • The price is much lower than comparable systems.
  • Athletes can use the Jam Gym on the go.
  • Works in small spaces.


  • No before and after photos of dieters who’ve lost weight using the Jam Gym.
  • No detailed information or list of exercises is provided on the site.


The Jam Gym is priced low enough that just about any dieter can give it a try. The harness must be attached to a door in your home, which could cause damage to the door. These home door gyms also limit the pressure or pull for fear of damaging or breaking the door. At $40 with shipping and handling we think the Jam Gym may be a good addition to your home gym if you’re fit but if you’re looking to lose weight you may want to skip this one.

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