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Jan Tana opened one of the first tanning salons in Virginia in 1982. Since her business became such a success she continued opening more salons which deemed just as successful as the first. Jan Tana’s salons eventually became the Jan Tana Tanning Salon franchise, as she became recognized as one of the best salons in the industry where you can achieve that “perfect tan”. 1987 brought Jan her first involvement in bodybuilding competitions, where she initiated the “Jan Tana Classic”, using all of her tanning products on the competitors. The “Jan Tana Classic” was originally called the NPC Virginia State Championship, and the 1987 show was the largest turn out in the history of the event. In 1989 Jan decided to promote her own bodybuilding show, the Jan Tana Eastern U.S. Open, which was open to all NPC competitors from the eastern U.S. The show deemed a huge success and the following year Jan opened her show to all NPC competitors nationwide. Since then it has been the official “Jan Tana Classic” annually. Jan Tana is especially known for her line of sunless tanning products, “Hi-Definition” Color”, where it is primarily used among professionals.


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Product Features

Jan Tana has an extensive line of products, ranging from a full spray-on tan, to tattoo cover-ups, to any kind of color that meets your needs. Whether you are training for a bodybuilding competition or simply need a little color to give you a glow again, Jan Tana has several different products to choose from. Her products are made to be used without being subjected to a tanning bed, so they are safe and just as effective. Her most famous line is the Hi-Definition line, which is especially made for competitions and is highly reputable among athletes. There is an entire system available in the Hi-Definition line including a Skin Prep, tanner, and after moisturizer. Jan Tana also offers on-site airbrush tanning which can be found at competitions nationwide in which you pay for a package and get a professional spray-tan done for you. Her website offers thorough product descriptions, her history, user testimonials, and a store to purchase the products of your choice.

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  • Sunless tanning without the harmful effects of UV’s from tanning beds.
  • Is highly ranked among professional athletes.
  • Products come in a variety of shades to fit your ideal color.


  • Must be done evenly or will look streaky.
  • Is extremely temporary – washes off in one or two showers.
  • Not sold in tanning salons – must be purchases directly from the manufacturer.


Jan Tana has built a tanning empire from a single salon within the past 25 years. She has become an icon in the professional bodybuilding industry with her tanning products and they are now primarily the top choice among professional bodybuilders and dancers worldwide.

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