Japan Hokkaido Slimming Capsule Review

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We tend to approach Asian slimming supplements with great caution due to the long list of dangerous supplements sold online from China and Japan. Japan Hokkaido Slimming Capsule is another supplement to add to the potentially dangerous list. There is no official website for this supplement and the ingredient list may not be complete. We found no free trial, no money-back guarantee and no return policy regarding this supplement.

List of Ingredients


  • Dill Extract
  • Chinese Rose Extract
  • Trumpet Creeper Extract
  • Evening Primrose Extract
  • Lotus

Product Features

Dill extract may have anti-inflammatory and gastric benefits, but there is very little research on the extract. We found no information on how dill extract impacts weight loss.

Chinese rose extract could be the same as rose hip extract. We found multiple references to this ingredient in business listings in the Philippines, but there is no official explanation of the extract or possible benefits.

Trumpet creeper extract can be used to increase circulation, which could mean it has stimulant properties. There is very little information about this ingredient online, but we did find a warning that says the ingredient is not safe for use during pregnancy.

Evening primrose extract is commonly used for its anti-inflammatory qualities. There is no association between evening primrose and weight loss.

With the ingredients listed for Japan Hokkaido Slimming Capsule we can’t find one good reason to use this in place of fat burners and weight loss supplements with proven ingredients like green tea and caffeine. There is simply no support for weight loss benefits associated with any of the ingredient, which could mean the ingredient list is lacking a few major players.

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  • We found an ingredient list for the supplement online.
  • Could reduce inflammation and pain.


  • Many supplements from China and Japan contain hidden ingredients.
  • The ingredient list may not be complete.
  • No proven weight loss ingredients in the formula.
  • Not safe for use during pregnancy.


We can’t help but wonder if there are missing ingredients in Japan Hokkaido Slimming Capsule. This supplement claims to boost weight loss, but there is nothing in the supplement that promotes weight loss. Ideally, there would be some ingredients in the formula to suppress appetite or boost metabolism, but we found none. We suggest dieters choose a formula with proven ingredients, an official website and a customer service contact where they can ask questions before spending money on the supplement.

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    tina brooks

    Please tell me how to tell if I have the authentic pills. Are the pills now green and yellow capsules?