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What You Should Know

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Java Juice Extract is a concentrated coffee drink that’s new on the market. The drink can be compared to coffeehouse coffee, according to the product description on the official website. The concentrate can be added to hot water, cold water and recipes so that little touch of coffee can appear anywhere you like. There are few limitations of what you can do with Java Juice and the caffeine content is similar to a cup of coffeehouse coffee with 100 mg per pouch.

Java Juice, as stated above, does contain caffeine. The product is not made for consumption by children and should be kept out of the reach of children. The individual packets of single-serve coffee extract are designed for portability. If desired, they can be consumed as an energy shot or espresso shot, but they may taste better in water or other liquid.

List of Ingredients


  • Premium coffee extract.

Product Features

There is nothing much to the product Java Juice extract, but there quite a story behind the product. The company was started in Venice, California by one man. The product grew and soon local shops were purchasing the extract to use in their shops. Soon, the demand grew and now the company is selling larger bottles, individual packets and more.

Java Juice extract is unique because it can be used in both hot and cold liquids. You can bake it, drink it straight, add it to alcoholic drinks and even store in for use on that hike through the mountains. The coffee is French-pressed and organic and when it’s mixed with water it tastes like fresh-brewed coffee, according to the Java Juice company.

The caffeine in Java Juice extract is the same caffeine in diet pills, but it tastes quite a bit better for the coffee lover. If you are taking a diet supplement you may want to watch your caffeine intake from products like Java Juice extract. You could consume too much coffee and feel caffeine side effects like jitters and shakes. Java Juice extract is not a supplement and should not be used as such.

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  • Java Juice is portable.
  • The individual serving packet can withstand up to 200 pounds of force.
  • Tastes like coffeehouse coffee.
  • Can be mixed in a variety of liquids – both hot and cold.


  • Costs more than brewed coffee.
  • Limited availability.
  • Shipping is expensive.


Java Juice extract is the main product from the Java Juice company. The product has quite a history and the company is both eco-friendly and organic. The online store and shipping of the product appear to be relatively new, so the shipping prices are higher than competitor products, but that is a small price to pay for a premium product. If you love coffee and you want to add a little caffeine punch to your morning smoothie, shake or other diet drink, you can do so with Java Juice extract and add less than 10 calories.

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