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Java Red is dietary supplement from sports nutrition company Max Muscle. Max Muscle sells nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals as well as apparel. The focus of the company is to provide the supplements designed to fit the needs and lifestyle of the customer base. The website features a section to purchase products as well as community of like-mined individuals. The product selection comprises the newest products in the industry. One such product, Java Red, is taking the world by storm. Not due to the product, but what is inside. Java Red contains Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Beans. These two ingredients are transforming the diet industry.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Raspberry Ketone

Product Features

Java Red is a dietary supplement designed to increase weight loss, burn fat and improve overall health and wellbeing. The product is available in a 90-capsule bottle, meaning dieters take the supplement for three months. You have the ability to purchase Java Red on the official website or the retail location. The product is rather expensive compared to similar products on the market. We found the product on the official website for $45.

The product is using the buzz surrounding Raspberry Ketones and green coffee beans to tell a different story relating to weight loss. The company does not disclose information relating to scientific research or clinical trials associated with the product, the ingredients and the efficacy. There were no customer testimonials available for review.

When we dug deeper into the website, we noticed there was no information relating to diet or exercise. To the misinformed dieter, it appears as if taking Java Red will improve overall health without the need to adjust diet and exercise. Both are necessary to improve health and wellness/

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  • The product is available on the official website.
  • The ingredient listing is available to review on the website.
  • There are several studies available pertaining to Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Beans.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • There is no information pertaining to clinical trials or scientific research.
  • Java Red is expensive.


There is buzz surrounding Green Coffee Beans and Raspberry Ketones. There are published studies; even celebrity doctors such as Dr. Oz praise the effectiveness of both supplements. The concerns we have with Java Red is the amount of the ingredients in each dose. The amount listed on the website an adequate amount to cause significant amounts of weight loss. Listed on the website is the caffeine equivalent of the Green Coffee Beans. Dieters receive no more than 16mg of caffeine per serving. There is more caffeine in one cup of coffee.

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