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Javalution JavaFit Diet P is created by Javalution Coffee Company. Javalution is a subsidiary of CLR Roasters and is located in Miami, , Florida. The Javalution JavaFit Diet P is very popular as a fat burning product and as an exercise enhancer.

List Of Ingredients

Chromium Polynicotinate for blood sugar support, Garcinia Cambogia to help inhibit fat production; with hydroxycitric acid, Citrus Aurantium which acts as a thermogenic; with synephrine, Extra Caffeine at a generous 150 mg to serve as a second thermogenic and exercise performance enhancer.

Product Features

Javalution JavaFit Diet P is a coffee that helps the drinker to lose weight through providing a source of extra energy and suppressing the appetite. There is an additional thermogenic also included in the Javalution JavaFit Diet P that is said to aid in the fat burning process.

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  • Includes anĀ appetite suppressant.
  • Increases energy to allow the user to be more active.
  • Includes ingredients to enhance the exercise routine so it can go longer and be more productive.
  • Provides a pleasant full body taste and is an alternative to taking a pill supplement.
  • Purchasing online provides opportunities to get special rates on the pricing.


  • Hard to find. Not readily available in all areas.
  • Expensive to purchase when compared to other traditional weight loss products.


The Javaluation Coffee Company produces numerous types of coffee related goods to help people burn fat and lose weight. They claim Javalution JavaFit Diet P helps to increase energy and suppress appetite. There is an additional thermogenic element to Javalution JavaFit Diet P that aids in the fat burning process. There are no outside studies to support these claims, however actual users of the product report positive results particularly in the area of energy. The products are popular and hard to find in the local market. The coffee is made with 100% premium Arabica coffee which many coffee drinkers find appealing. The coffee offers a rich taste and is pleasing to drink. Like other supplements, Javalution JavaFit Diet P fat burning supplements are not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. People who have tried Javalution JavaFit Diet P continue to use them for long periods of time and report an increase in the amount of time they are able to work out. The products in the formulas are generally accepted as being harmless and do help to boost energy and suppress the appetite.

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3 User Reviews about JavaFit

  • 1
    Cindy I'Neill

    I signed up with the $2,000 membership a few years ago sbd was not too successful in selling. Any hints on how to get back in the game???


  • 2

    Sounds like a bunch of marketing hype to me. Caffeine alone will boost one’s energy for a workout. Regading the added functional ingredients, I’m not convinced. How does the coffee itself affect the absorption of these added ingredients the co is asking me to pay a premium price for? Both coffee and tea have naturally occurring acids that are well known to bind nutrients e.g.iron. I want to see that the co has done some clinical testing by an independent co to PROOVE their claims work.


  • 3
    tyrone green

    Freddie. G told me about best coffee. In the world. Today. I’m looking. Foward. To. Becoming a team player