Javavana Mate Tea Review

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There is a distinct difference between tea lovers and coffee lovers, unless you take a gander at Javavana Mate Tea. This tea variety sold by Teavana offers the taste of coffee and all the caffeine of coffee paired with the health benefits of tea. Teavana offers a complete list of ingredients and a list of benefits associated with the tea. None of the benefits are supported with clinical references, though finding references on the health benefits of tea is easy.

List of Ingredients


  • Assam Black Tea
  • Roasted Mate Tea
  • Cocoa Bits
  • Chocolate Flavoring
  • Cappuccino Flavoring
  • Vanilla Bits

Product Features

For some tea lovers, finding just the right tea flavor is the ultimate achievement. Javavana Mate Tea combines black tea and mate tea into a coffee-like beverage with all the caffeine of coffee. According to the benefits listed in the product description, the tea may increase energy, support a healthy heart and suppress appetite. We are unsure about the appetite suppression claims, but the energizing and healthy heart claims are supported by clinical research.

Tea is one of the oldest beverages on earth. It has been used for hundreds of years as a regal beverage, alternative medicine and, now, a weight loss supplement. Most of the information dieters find online regarding weight loss tea is centered on the benefits of green tea, but black tea and mate tea also provide healthy antioxidants and heart benefits.

The energizing claim is associated with the caffeine content and not the tea. A cup of coffee contains between 75 and 100 mg of caffeine, on average. If the dieter brews the Javavana Mate Tea stronger, the caffeine content will increase. It is best to use this beverage in place of your morning coffee as opposed to drinking it throughout the day due to the high caffeine content.

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  • Contains caffeine – proven to boost metabolism.
  • Provides antioxidants for free radical control.
  • May support a healthy heart.
  • May suppress appetite – according to Teavana.


  • The tea is not designed for weight loss.
  • May contain too much caffeine for some dieters.
  • May not taste exactly like coffee.


Javavana Mate Tea is a unique take on tea. The tea tastes like chocolate, coffee, vanilla and cappuccino, which likely mimics more expensive coffee drinks, but it also provides the health benefits of tea. This drink is best consumed as an alternative to morning coffee. As is the case with all teas, dieters will have to add sweetener and cream to taste for the ultimate experience.

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