Javita Weight Loss Coffee Review

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What if you could simply sip a cup of coffee and lose weight? Well, there are coffee products out there that may be able to help you shed a few pounds. The question is, do they really work, and how effective can they actually be? Well, in this review, we will take a good look at Javita Weight Loss Coffee, which is sold on Amazon. A basic kit of this coffee sells for $65 (24 servings). Javita Weight Loss Coffee is made by the Javita Coffee Company, and is advertised as a delicious gourmet instant coffee. It essentially dissolves in hot water, and can be made into cold coffee beverages or icy frappucinos.


  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Yerba Mate

Product Features

Javita Weight Loss Coffee is claimed to help suppress your appetite, while burning off fat. It contains natural herbs to aid with weight loss, and it is manufactured in the United States. In order to make this diet coffee, you simply add one stick to an eight-ounce cup of hot water. You should feel a type of jolt, as with regular coffee. Also, this weight loss beverage contains antioxidants to help fight free radical damage.

The two ingredients mentioned for Javita Weight Loss Coffee are Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate. Garcinia Cambogia is an Asian fruit extract that helps suppress appetite and limits fat storage. Yerba Mate also helps curb hunger, and may help boost the metabolism as well. You should notice fewer cravings when using Javita Weight Loss Coffee, and you should also notice smaller food portions when you eat. This coffee beverage may also help reduce the storage of carbohydrates.

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  • People who appreciate coffee might enjoy trying this product.
  • Some customer feedback is posted online for Javita Weight Loss Coffee.


  • There are some customer complaints about the taste of this coffee.
  • One user complained that Javita Weight Loss Coffee causes blood pressure spikes.
  • Several customers stated that this coffee does nothing for weight loss.
  • A dietary supplement pill for weight management is certainly more convenient.


If you enjoy coffee, then you might be intrigued by Javita Weight Loss Coffee. After all, this is certainly a unique take on weight loss. It does contain a couple of common weight loss pill ingredients. Therefore it may help suppress appetite and give you a boost. However, the cost of Javita Weight Loss Coffee is not very affordable at $65. This is a lot to spend on 24 cups of coffee. Furthermore, you really need to read through the user feedback posted online for this weight loss coffee beverage. There are definitely some bad customer reviews pertaining to this product.

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14 User Reviews about Javita Weight Loss Coffee

  • 1
    Kelly beeby

    I noticed it says here that Javita weight loss coffee costs $65 a box of 24 sticks.. That is not correct . Unless someone is being ripped off here it should only cost $45 a box. That is retail. If you become a proffered customer then it is $35. A box ! WOW!


  • 2

    My daughter’s been drinking this coffee for about a month now. She’s down 7 pounds and a pants size. Her boyfriend is drinking it, too. He’s extremely sensitive to caffeine but is able to drink this coffee. Don’t by the one’s on Amazon because those are knock-offs. I heard that those have been tampered with and that’s why people got sick. You have to buy it directly from their website or from a certified distributor. My mother-in-law drinks the green tea and her blood pressure is down and it is helping her with diabetes recovery.


  • 3

    I got some samples of Javita coffee, the taste of the coffee was good, however, 15 mnts after drinking I started having high heart palpitations, I started sweating and feeling very uncomfortable. I drank a lot water to feel better.
    I passed on, the Javita coffee sample to one my colleagues, I thought maybe it has too much caffeine for me. she is staried feeling sick as well.

    I won’t reccomend it to anyone. Back to healthy eating and exercise.


  • 4

    I have been drinking both coffee’s for over 5weeks and occasionally the green tea. I have had great results in energy, mind clarity and for Fat burning. I like the taste and it is only $1.35 a cup before 3 for free discounts and other special discounts. It totally works for me, I’m so glad I found this coffee tea company.


  • 5

    Javita has mate, Uruguayans and Argentines use it, why they are so skinny, it is an addictive yerba, as marijuana, but with lower degree of addiction.


  • 6
    H. Benny Lipson

    I use Slimcafe diet coffee. Its only $19.95 a pound and I get 40 cups per bag. Since starting I have lost 22 pounds in 20 weeks. Found them on the web at slimcafe.co This stuff seems to be the real deal. H.Benny Lipson


  • 7

    I ordered the Javita products just recently. I was possibly interested in selling them because weightloss and coffee seemed like hot sellers. Although I am not a coffee drinker- Burn and control and Energy and mind were palatable for me with flavored creamers. Was ok for the first hour… then afterwards I have to be very honest here, I started to feel a bit dizzy and my head started to pound a bit. Something told me to check my blood pressure. It had spiked to 150/82…checked again on the hour and was still elevated between 147/78 and 150/82. Normally it’s 118/70 to 120/72. I have taken both coffee products 1 cup per day for the last 3 days and did notice how it spiked my BP and I did not like the woozy feeling as a result. –Tried the green tea…I love teas, however the flavor reminded me of “green powdered” health drinks the kind with wheat grass, spirulina etc… Almost like a pond water type taste. I was disappointed in the taste. Truly I was excited about the products before ordering… however I can’t push products that personally make “me” feel uncomfortable,dizzy and spike my BP and not for money and gain at the risk of my health or other people’s health as well… I care too much. As an
    FYI, I have nothing to gain by writing this review nor am I trying to smear Javita. I have to just be honest about my experience. Thanks for reading.


    Your Name

    I have been using both coffee’s for 5weeks now and my experience is awesome for mental sharpness and weight loss. Thank you javita for this amazing coffee


  • 8
    judy Dial

    Im diabetic. Can I take this safely?



    ive heard for diabetics that it does indeed help you lower your sugar levels. I am only talking about the green tea product because my friend has been taking it and has shown improvement throughout the months he has been drinking javita green tea.


  • 9

    What is the amount (milligrams) of Garcinia C. extract in each cup of coffee?



    The weight loss one Burn + Control has Arabica and robusta coffee beans, garcinia cambogia and yerba mate. The herbs make up more than 600 mgs of each packet.



    Can you tell me the mg of G.C. alone? I take it in a powdered form and I do not want to exceed my daily intake.



    600 mg