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The Jen Fe Next Patch, manufactured by Nexagen USA is a self-adhesive diet patch that distributes its formula through the skin to stimulate metabolism. The Jen Fe Next Patch formula is said to work “synergistically” to help the body achieve the maximum result in a fast manner without side effects or complicated processes. Nexagen also offers a common-sense lifestyle modification program free to anyone who purchases the Jen Fe Next patch.

List of Ingredients

Asian Guarana (Pia cupana),ChromeMate (Chromium polynicotinate)
ForsLean® (an extract of the herb Coleus forskohlii)
Cosmoperine® (tetrahydropiperine)

Product Features

The Jen Fe Next Patch formula combines the following elements for maximum weight loss benefits: ForsLean® (extract of Coleus forskohlii) a thyroid stimulant,ChromeMate® (chromium poly-nicotinate), the natural form of chromium, an appetite suppressant which aids the body in burning calories. Guarana, a natural source of caffeine which increases adrenalin to boost blood sugar and energy, Cosmoperine® a combination of the active ingredient in black and long peppers and thyreodinum extract which increases the transdermal uptake without causing skin irritation.

In a clinical study conducted by Nexagen, using the double blind placebo method, results that the active group (given the actual patch) lost 68% more weight and lost 44% more in waist size than the placebo group (given a placebo patch).

The Jen Fe Next Patch is available for purchase on the Nexagen website and through other online vendors. The average price for a 30-day supply is $69.95. The Nexagen USA Preferred Customers program offers discounted prices on every Nexagen USA product. The refund policy for Nexagen products states that purchases made through distributors allow for a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. For products purchased direct from Nexagen, the refund, less shipping costs, is given for products return within a specified amount of time. There is a fully detailed explanation of the refund/return policy on the Nexagen website.

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  • The official website has a lot of information available for each ingredient.
  • A weight loss patch may appeal to those who don’t like swallowing tablets or capsules.


  • A 30-day supply of the Jen Fe Next Patches costs $69.95.


The Jen Fe Next Patch seems like a great idea. Many other pharmaceuticals come as patches these days whether it’s for chronic pain or to stop smoking so it’s only natural a weight loss product would follow suit. We aren’t really sure how well all of the ingredients in weight loss patches are absorbed into the skin and there isn’t any data available on it either. We recommend sticking with a weight loss capsule that contains a powerful thermogenic unless you have severe trouble swallowing pills.

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