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Jen Fe is a “Fat Loss Power Patch” that endeavors to assist women with weight loss. This diet product is manufactured by Nexagen USA and a one month supply of patches sells via the official website for $119.95. The Jen Fe Patch essentially aims to suppress the user’s appetite, boost metabolic rates and increase energy levels. There are no customer testimonials provided on the official website. Similar to other weight loss programs and supplements, a healthy diet plan and regular exercise are recommended with the Jen Fe “Fat Loss Power Patch.”

The primary active ingredients found in the Jen Fe Fat Loss Power Patch are ForsLean (suppresses appetite), Guarana (boosts the user’s metabolism), ChromeMate, Cosmoperine, 5-HTP and Diiodotyrosine. There doesn’t appear to be any kind of 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee offered with the Jen Fe Fat Loss Power Patch. Unlike many weight loss drugs that are taken orally, the Jen Fe patch is placed on the body for 30 days in order to assist with fat loss. Unfortunately there are no free trial samples of the Jen Fe Fat Loss Power Patch available at this time.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

The Jen Fe Fat Loss Power Patch is a weight reduction product that’s geared toward women who desire assistance with weight loss. This diet product is placed on the skin for 30 days and is claimed to assist the weight loss effort by suppressing the user’s appetite, boosting metabolic rates and increasing energy levels. The key active components offered in the Jen Fe Fat Loss Power Patch are ForsLean (suppresses appetite), Guarana (boosts the user’s metabolism), ChromeMate, Cosmoperine, 5-HTP and Diiodotyrosine. There doesn’t appear to be any clinical evidence provided on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of the Jen Fe Patch. A single patch sells through the official website for $119.95. This patch is claimed to lasts for 1 month.

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  • The Jen Fe Patch can be easily and conveniently purchased on the official website.
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise are recommended on the official website.


  • A single Jen Fe Fat Loss Power Patch sells for $119.95, which may be pricey for some individuals.


All in all, the Jen Fe Fat Loss Power Patch is a rather unique take on weight loss. On the bright side, a single patch lasts for 30 days straight. However, it would be more reassuring for dieters to see some actual clinical evidence posted on the official website, along with a 100% money-back guarantee, some customer testimonials and free trial samples of Jen Fe.

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  • 1
    Betty Weiss

    II want to order it How??


  • 2
    Laurence Dulemba

    I think your blog is perfect! Not only because you have great content & photos, but because it has your personality and style. The people who follow your blog like it already, so you must be doing something right! I also get bored easily because I have so many ideas and like so many different things. Bottom line: don’t worry about appealing to everyone. Do what you want!


  • 3
    Lorri Fry

    Are Jen Fe patches still available? They were very effective for me!


    Arnold (Editor)

    We believe so


  • 4
    Betty-Ann Weiss

    The patches r terrific..Where can I buy them on line..The person I was getting them from does not sell them anymore



    Betty my name is dan Hickman I purchased the building that the Jen fe people were in I have roughly 75,000 of these packets of patches I’m looking to sell them they are expired however I am
    selling them for pennies on the dollar. the original maker of these patches is actually a friend of mine who is having them check by there chemist to see if they are still potent. They have been sealed in a plastic bag and show no signs of just colorization. I put one on and I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect but it did seem to pick up by energy. I’m looking probably to Sally’s for $10 but I also have to can’t sell them right now I have to check with my law year to make sure I’m not infringing on any kind of it FDA situation.



    Dan my name is Karen and I’m Looking for some patches. Can you verify you have them and that they are unopened. Contact me when you get this please. thank you



    Are you selling the Jen Fe Weight Loss Patch? I am searching to purchase them. TY


  • 5

    Can anyone tell me why these patches are no longer available? I used these and along with Weight Watchers lost almost 60 pounds in seven months.


  • 6

    Can I wear the patch while pregnant? I love the energy it gives me.


  • 7

    Do you know how to get these patmy husband and daughter!ches any more? They worked Great for Me


  • 8

    This product does not contain fenfluramine, phentermine, or the herbal equivalents of ma huang or ephredra. By the way, phentermine is still used as an appetite suppressant. It was the combination of the two perscription drugs that caused heart/lung problems serious enough for transplants. Get your shit straight.


  • 9
    Judy Dougherty

    I have tried them all. you name it. Nutrisystem sucks, the food was terrible. Sleep is terrible. Take meds for arthritis. I really need help


  • 10
    Mary Spinks

    Where can I buy it in and around Gadsden, Alabama?


  • 11

    jen fe is the same as phen phen which was taken off the selves because people died. Save your money and save your life.



    I’m not sure that statement is correct. Everyone should look into that themselves. I highly doubt that’s PhenPhen.



    sorry, but that is an irrational remark since none of the compounds are remotely the same. They may mimic some of the ingredients, but are still not the same chemically nor are they formulated the same from a chemistry standpoint. So for all of you reading this person’s comment, please disregard it as ignorant. Do your own research and always ask a medical doctor before you start any medication if you are not sure.


  • 12
    B. Hinkson

    Does it work with diabetes; I dake insulin and pills


  • 13
    Michelle murphy

    I want to how long do i have to keep the patch for it to start working?


    Earlene Gorzell

    Michelle, I wore the patch for a year and I lost 12 pounds. May not sound like much, but I did nothing else, being naturally lazy.


  • 14
    steve rodriguez

    what part of the body do i put the patch on?



    Above the waist on a lean thin skinned area like the forearms, shoulder or collar bone.


    Your Name

    I put it on the bottom of my foot


  • 15
    Lorie Christian

    Does it make your heart race? Is it safe to use with perscription meds?



    Yes I take along with Chemotherapy class drugs for Rhumatoid Arthritis. The patch was approved by my physician


  • 16

    Well I figured that this would be a good place to put my personal experience. This patch has literally changed my life. I have more energy than i’ve ever had with zero jitters, I sleep excellent at night, I am happy all the time (very strange for me), I don’t care to eat candy or drink soda anymore and my “monthly” experiences have been a breeze (Such a blessing!). I don’t overeat anymore, I don’t eat late at night anymore and I didn’t have to deprive myself of any of this….it happened naturally. It took over two months of me being on this product for it to actually kick in and if I had given up, I would have never experienced the new and improved me that I am now. Oh and yes, I am now starting to lose fat. With the rate i’m going, I figure I will be at my ideal size in a few more months. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!



    Were you successful in losing down to your ideal weight? How much weight did you loose?


  • 17
    Bertha Perez

    Can men use this product or is it only for women.



    Yes, men do very well on this product.


  • 18
    sam loya

    I have an old jen fe power paches do they expire?


    jean howlett

    my daughter has been using these patchesfor at least 4 yrs. using them daily. She has not lost weight but swears they make her feel better. Is this really true. she has become irrational and every bit the bitch. Any comment if thia is a possibility?


    Anna Cummins

    Yes they will make her feel better. There are many people that are on them for health and energy. Not just for weight loss. Weight management for sure.



    Nexagen does not recommend using expired patches..


    Your Name



  • 19

    do you wear one patch for 24 hours or 30 days?




    One patch is good for 24 hours. You do not wear one patch for 30 days. A new one is put on daily.


  • 20

    why when i ever first order the patch in the back had black little spots and i felt the affect and the ones i recieve know dont i fell nothing different



    Yes the patches work my Dad has lost 22 pounds in two months and 4 inches in the waist he is sleeping great helps with insomnia and has had zero allergies this year wonderful product!


  • 21
    shirley douglas

    does jen fe work to lose weight


    Robin Gibbons

    Shirley it is designed to assist your body in the burning of fat cells over muscle.


  • 22
    shirley douglas

    i’m skeptical, does this jen fe patch help to lose weight



    i used the ptch personaly and it helped so much i lost weight an keepd it off i le the patches and are thinkig about using them again i wanna lose 20more pounds then ill be happy


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