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Jen 4 Men is a Jenny Craig program for men, launched in New Zealand and Australia. The Jenny Craig program was first launched in Australia in 1983, so this is likely why the new program for men was launched there as well. The Jenny Craig program is one of the most well known and successful programs, partially due to the use of celebrity endorsements.

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Jen 4 Men is a weight loss program that seeks to acknowledge the man as a whole person, rather than focusing on the weight issue alone. The program focuses on mind, body, and food. This idea is what developed the “Skill Power” program. The program has three main components: building a healthy relationship with food, leading an active lifestyle, and finding a balanced approach to living. The program teaches people to eat for nourishment and energy, and to enjoy their food and everything about it. Men will be given a plan full of healthy foods, and foods they enjoy so they can learn how to eat right and lose weight. A personal consultant will take a look at the lifestyle the man is currently living and make a fitness plan that will work with his goals. The final part will have a consultant who will help to keep the man on plan and motivated to succeed. Men can either visit one of the 110 centers throughout the two countries, or for those who do not want the face-to-face interaction, online consultations are available. The program will cost 25 AUD for three months. This fee gives access to the online tools and will cover consulting fees. Dieters have the option to purchase pre-made food at an extra expense or they can make their own meals.

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  • The company has a good reputation for being able to help people lose weight.
  • The program focuses more on just the food and weight issues.
  • Plans are made for the individual.
  • Dieter has access to a wide variety of online tools.


  • Men may not want to join a program that is still focused mainly on women.
  • If men add the prepared meals, the program could become quite costly.
  • This program does not really do anything to teach men how to make their own healthy meals.
  • The long term success of the program is still questionable because many of the celebrities who have previously endorsed the program have seen their weight come back.
  • This program is not yet available in the United States.


Jen 4 Men has a decent foundation to become a workable system for many men. We will have to wait to see how well it does in Australia and New Zealand before we can determine if it will available in the United States.

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