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Jennifer Aniston is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. Dieters are constantly trying to figure out the secrets of the Jennifer Aniston Diet so they too can stay slim, thin and fit for many years to come. While there is no official website for the Jennifer Aniston Diet, her eating and exercise plan has been reviewed in many magazines and she’s even shared a few tips and tricks from time to time. A Chef released by Aniston’s chefs offers the most detailed account of the Jennifer Aniston Diet, however.

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Diet foods and exercise used by Jennifer Aniston.

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Many women sit at home and watch stars on television and wonder how they achieve and keep such fantastic bodies. For Jennifer Aniston, that wonderful body used to involve eating prepared Zone meals and Zone bars nearly 24 / 7. She does admit eating cheese from time to time, but not as a part of her daily diet. Then, Aniston hired Jewels and Jill Elmore are personal chefs. The sisters eventually wrote a Chef detailing the Jennifer Aniston Diet and the world finally realized just how little a Hollywood diva really eats to stay that thin.

The Family Chef is broken into three sections – children, men and just like Jen. Women (or men) who want to have a body like Jennifer Aniston are forced to eat lots of water-laden vegetables and little else. Recipes in the book include very small portions of protein, impossible ingredients that only a celebrity could get their hands on and homemade granola that takes 45 minutes to bake. Preparation for some dishes takes more time than eating the meal.

One author decided to follow the Jennifer Aniston Diet for three days to see what the physical effect of an extremely low calorie eating plan would have on weight loss and life. The writer notes she was deceived by the Chef title, The Family Chef, as none of the recipes are family friendly. After three days, the writer was dizzy. While she lost two pounds on the Jennifer Aniston Diet, she clearly would never touch another recipe from the Chef again.

The Family Chef sells on $18 on Portions of the book are written by Jennifer Aniston.

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  • Healthy, vitamin-rich foods.


  • Not based on healthy weight loss.
  • Some meals have less than 100 calories.
  • Followers complain of severe hunger and dizziness.


If you want to look like Jennifer Aniston then the Jennifer Aniston Diet may be for you, but be warned, the meals are very low in calories and often include exotic ingredients available only to personal chefs and celebrities. Many dieters are extremely hungry following the Jennifer Aniston Diet.

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