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The Jenny Craig weight loss system is typically associated with women, but there is a Jenny Craig for Men. Men require more calories and a different nutritional meal plan than women. The description of the Jenny Craig for Men plan is a bit sexist. Men are allowed to cheat from time to time on beer and French fries and the only points they need to count are basketball points. We understand that a weight loss program for men needs to be different than one for women, but Jenny Craig for Men should spend more time focusing on the unique aspects of the meal delivery system or center program and less time trying to convince mean how manly the program can be.

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Jenny Craig weight loss program for men.

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There is no information about the Jenny Craig for Men program. We are given a brief description full of testosterone driven analogies, but nothing concrete about how the male plan is different from the female plan. The sample menu supplies only 1,200 calories, far less than most men need on a given day. Men have a stronger metabolism than women so they need more calories. More calories would mean more food to purchase from Jenny Craig or more foods to purchase at home, either way, the dieter needs to know about the program before choosing to order Jenny Craig for Men.

We found it interesting that the Jenny Craig for Men program comes with built-in cheats. This could be the added calories we were looking for. If the male is allowed to cheat once a day, they could eat the same menu served to women with the added pleasure or grabbing a beer and fries at the local hot spot if they desired.

Aside from the sample menu, the dieter cannot view any of the meals available on the Jenny Craig for Men plan. There are 80 meals in total, but only a few are listed on the sample menu. There is a bit too much hidden information to make this a viable option for men.

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  • Jenny Craig for Men allows cheats.


  • The program description is filled with sexist comments.
  • No real information on the plan.
  • The Jenny Craig for Men menu is likely the same menu used by women.


We are left with a ton of questions about the Jenny Craig for men program. We know men are allowed to drink beer, eat French fries and cheat as long as they exercise and eat Jenny Craig meals. Other than that, we have no idea what makes the “male” version of the diet unique.

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