Jenny Craig Metabolic Max Program Review

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Jenny Craig started out as a small franchise with in-person meetings and branded foods. As the weight loss market changed, so did the Jenny Craig company. Today, several weight loss plans are available, including the Jenny Craig Metabolic Max program. In addition to Jenny Craig meals, which can now be delivered to the door, the Jenny Craig Metabolic Max program uses the BodyMedia FIT armband, included with the program price, to personalize the weight loss experience. The BodyMedia FIT armband measure total calories burned throughout the day and gauges how well the dieter sleeps at night.

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Jenny Craig food with a BodyMedia FIT armband.

Product Features

The Jenny Craig website is one of the most difficult websites in the weight loss market to understand. We believe there is a $1 fee plus the cost of food associated with the Jenny Craig Metabolic Max program. However, this is the fee for a typical Jenny Craig program, so there could be an additional cost for the BodyMedia FIT armband. The $1 fee is per pound so if the dieter loses 5 pounds one week, they have to pay $5. The dieter can lose a maximum of 50 pounds in 6 months at this price. Weight loss above that limit will cost more. This is one of the biggest downfalls of the Jenny Craig program. No other weight loss program charges the dieter more money for being more successful.

The only difference between the classic Jenny Craig program and the Jenny Craig Metabolic Max program is the BodyMedia FIT armband. Typically, BodyMedia charges a monthly or yearly fee for access to information collected by the BodyMedia FIT armband. Jenny Craig claims that access is included with the Jenny Craig weight loss center fee. The BodyMedia FIT armband measure calories burned and tracks sleep.

Dieters have to purchase dairy, fruits and vegetables in addition to the Jenny Craig foods. This drives the overall price up.

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  • BodyMedia FIT armbands help the dieter gauge true calories burned.


  • No specific information is included for the armband or the Jenny Craig Metabolic max program.
  • Food costs are more expensive than cooking at home.
  • Dieters are required to purchase fruits, vegetables and diary in addition to the Jenny Craig meals.


Jenny Craig may be a good option for some dieters, but the program is not explained online. We know the Jenny Craig Metabolic Max program includes a BodyMedia FIT armband, but that is all we know. We assume the dieter is given the same menu choices and the same fees as other dieters, but that would not make sense as the BodyMedia FIT armband is expensive.

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