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The Jenny Craig Program is a weight loss system that involves more than just dieting. After reviewing the official website, it’s clear that this program offers several different facets to potentially aid women and men in the fat loss process. Currently it is stated that anyone can sign up with Jenny Craig for free. This will allow you access to online tools and recipes to assist you with shedding excess pounds. At this point there are several programs offered, which range from Jenny Craig for men, to Jenny Craig for spouses, to Jenny Craig for teens, to Jenny Craig for seniors. While there are local centers to take advantage of, there is also online support.

A major aspect of the Jenny Craig weight loss program is the meals. These consist of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Some examples of breakfast foods are the oatmeal breakfast square (cinnamon), maple nut hot cereal, and Jenny’s original breakfast burrito. The lunch menu offers meals like the turkey club Panini, chicken and sausage gumbo, and turkey cranberry salad kit. The dinner menu consists of meals such as spaghetti & meatballs and BBQ chicken pizza. There are also desserts available within the Jenny Craig weight loss program. Although there are no supplements taken, certain portions of food are encouraged daily.

Product Features

Jenny Craig is a dieting and weight management program suitable for men, women, teens and senior citizens. Not only does this system offer an array of already prepared meals but it additionally provides online tools such as chat forums, recipes, helpful articles and health tips. There are numerous success stories posted on the official Jenny Craig website. Even though online registration is free of charge, users must purchase the meals and snacks through a Jenny Craig center. There is a toll free number provided on the website to assist anyone with queries or concerns. The official Jenny Craig pitch is “We Change Lives.” Regular exercise is recommended with this program.

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  • There is no potentially dangerous diet drugs involved with the Jenny Craig program.
  • This weight loss system is suitable for virtually anyone.
  • There is a wide variety of meals and snacks involved with Jenny Craig.


  • Purchasing Jenny Craig already prepared meals and snacks may become expensive over time.
  • This weight loss program calls for a more drastic change in lifestyle than many alternative supplements do.
  • There are no simple fat burning supplements incorporated into the Jenny Craig program.
  • There is no money-back guarantee provided in regards to the foods purchased through this program.


At some point or another you’ve probably heard of the Jenny Craig weight loss plan. This dieting system may be suitable for individuals that prefer all of their meals prepared ahead of time for them. Then again, if you would prefer taking a simple supplement once or twice daily with water in order to shed excess body weight, then you may want to look into alternative supplements and fat loss programs.

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  • 1

    I tried Jenny Craig in the beginning and it was nice at the start but it gets boring and the consultants aren’t real consultants. These consultants are just sales people who want your money. EVERYBODY don’t waste your time and money. These people don’t really ‘care’. It’s just a job to them.


  • 2

    Just joined Jenny Craig this week the snack are nice but things I have always avoided eg twisties, lunches feel very unhealthy like a pie and a sausage roll – things I would never buy for lunch. The dinner look really nice on the box but don’t look anything like it on the plate, I counted 5 tiny pieces of meat and all the rest just sauce in my chicken korma tonight, I don’t think I could last for months on these frozen dinners haven’t had a nice one yet this week. Thank goodness I have only signed for a 2 week trial.


  • 3

    I tried Jenny Craig in the past and had wonderful success. The thing I like about this is it is never designed to keep you on their food, as you los3 weight your coach (you get a coach who helps you and motivates you; once per week)helps you learn to make better food choices. Some of the programs can be expensive, but there are options for those on extreme budgets, such as myself. I also like that they promote not only food, but exercise; lets face it if you want to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy manner you need to exercise. Another benefit they have overall all the other programs…they are the only one who is recommended by the American Heart Association. Keep in mind; if budget is an issue, the foods you chose plays a role in the price. Also, they can work with you for example: you might only do breakfast, lunch and a snack which significantly lowers the cost. If you are willing to do the work, but just need help getting started this is the program for you. If you don’t really want to do any work then please don’t waste your money.


    juan slong

    sounds like a horrible program then..


  • 4

    I am at my 9th week at jenny craig and i have lost 12 pounds. the food is so expensive that i am not planning to go back after my 10th week. It gets boring after awhile of eating the same frozen foods.


  • 5
    S Lorenzo

    I started the program four weeks ago and was talked into taking the extended plan instead of the 20 for 20. Should have tkaed the 20 for 20. The food has an adverse affect on my system so I have been living on gas-x and tagamet for a week. I have spent over $799 dollars to lose FOUR pounds………..Not A Good Deal. They should offer an intro plan to see if you can tolerate the food. (Of course no mention of this was ever mentioned at the one on ones as a complaint from any clients) But i have heard the same complants on my own.


  • 6
    jacob martinez

    why is Jenny Craig a bad diet?What are some bad warnings about the diet? Why doesn’t Jenny Craig help?


  • 7

    Though I initially lost the weight with the program, I found that the transition part of the program failed badly. I used the same guidelines, and everything, but the pounds slowly came back on. NOT HAPPY about that!
    I never reached my goal weight either.
    I will say that their food is very good. Today, I’d be looking to see if there’s MSG in it.
    My cooking is reasonably healthy on its own. There’s no way it should have added pounds. I’d really like to see what a test kitchen found out.
    Oh, and it can be expensive, but you’re saving money by eating less unhealthy stuff… so it comes out close to even.


  • 8
    Kathy Flowers

    I woild like to know what the cost is per week for Jenny Craig and the cost of the food. Thanks Kathy



    There are planned and personalized week, so it varied. The planned weeks are about $120. The foods are delicious:) Then at halfway we start doing 2 days on our own. The key is getting to your goal weight and they’ll enroll you in their maintanence program where you do all your own foods, but still have consultations.


  • 9
    Kathy Flowers

    I would like to know the cost of the program and the price of the food for a week on this program. Thanks Kathy


    Kim Roberts

    I am a member of Jenny Craig. I joined about a month ago. I did the 20lbs for $20 plus the cost of food.
    So far the food has ranged from $180 to $130 per week, but I now have quite a bit of extra’s. I will probably stop buying the food completely within the next 4-6 weeks. Good luck!


  • 10
    kathie O'Shea

    i heard there is an at home program. how does that work. I am disabled and cant get in.Also i was a member a couple of years ago, and i cant get my food discounted now. Why? I would be re joining now if i can afford food. i get no disability myself and we are retired. please advise. Thanks, Kathie


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