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Jenny Craig Silver is a weight loss program for older adults. As we age, our bodies burn fewer calories and require unique nutritional support. Jenny Craig Silver combines an activity program with nutrition-based low-calorie meals to help older adults achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The official Jenny Craig website does not provide specific information on the program. The meals seems to be the same for all Jenny Craig programs, but more detailed information is provided by the personal consultant that calls when the system is ordered. The price for the Jenny Craig Silver program is $1 per pound up to 50 pounds in six months, according to the official website. Dieters pay this fee in addition to the cost of Jenny Craig food. The Jenny Craig at Home program supports Jenny Craig Silver so dieters do not have to attend in person meetings to purchase food.

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Personalized diet and workout plan for older adults.

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Jenny Craig is a weight loss and fitness program that has been around for many years. At first, the program required dieters visit a local chapter of Jenny Craig to weigh-in, much like Weight Watchers. At the local chapter, dieters purchased food for weight loss. Today, the Jenny Craig Silver program allows the dieter to order food online and have the meals delivered to home rather than visiting a local chapter. This allows the older adult to participate in the program even if they do not have the time to check-in locally each week.

In addition to the per-pound fee, Jenny Craig requires food purchase. This drives the cost of program participation higher. There are short and long-term programs. Long-term programs reduce the cost of food. But the dieter must purchase free foods, dairy, fruits and vegetables to eat with the Jenny Craig meals.

Older adults will find very little information on the Jenny Craig Silver program. The website is full of detailed information on the plan and success stories, but there is no information about how the Jenny Craig Silver program is different from other weight loss programs offered by the company.

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  • Online and offline tools for weight loss.
  • Meal delivery system requires no calorie counting.


  • Meals for Jenny Craig Silver are no different than the other Jenny Craig meals.
  • The program is expensive.
  • The dieter can lose only 50 pounds in six months for the $1 per pound price.


Jenny Craig Silver is a program for older adults. The physical fitness aspect of the plan may be different, but the meals are the same for all dieters. Dieters cannot simply order the program; they must talk to a phone consultant first.

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    Christine Crain

    I enjoyed weight loss in 1996 through Jenny Craig and was given a card as a lifetime member. Does this card still entitle me to this discount? I am now 65 and want to lose 30 pounds and join again.