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Jenny Thompson with John Averill has written And Another Thing which details what they say is a shocking truth about how the Food and Drug Administration, big pharmaceutical companies and others make a living by making and keeping people sick. According to the publisher the reader will find out why and what can be done about it.

And Another Thing: Rants, raves, and information you can use on everything from drug company greed to Vitamin C! provides information that they claim the mainstream people in power over our health care don’t want you to know. Jenny Thompson has uncovered important health information and exposing health misinformation for over five years and through her HSI e-Alert she has shared her knowledge with many people. Jenny Thompson has a large follwing who subscribe to her alerts. The book contains stories not told by the mainstream media outlets.

And Another Thing compiles some of the best e-Alerts Ms. Thompson has published over the years. The collection of essays will make the reader laugh because they are so ridiculous and others will make you mad. When she first started writing the HSI e-Alert five years ago she did not play she would find enough information to write about every day. However, she did uncover enough misinformation to bring to her audience daily.

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The book will tell the reader the real ingredients in commercial milk along with information about how to avoid it and still continue to drink milk products. The reader will also learn the myth about the placebo which is a pill that is supposed to be “inert” and harmless, they are used in clinical trials. Learn about the amazing techniques drug company sales people use to manipulate doctors to push their products. Additionally, the book tells about how the medical community helped to put a positive face on the studies to reveal the dangers of synthetic hormone replacement therapy for menopause but were silent about effective natural therapies that have been available without side effects. And how the subsidiary of a drug company sold contaminated blood plasma overseas.

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  • The book is written in a factual nature.
  • The authors provide factual evidence to back up their claims.


  • Some of the material is not as outlandish as the authors would have one to beleive.


Both long time readers of Jenny Thompson and newbies will enjoy reading the fresh insightful information in And Another Thing.

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