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Ted Haggard wrote The Jerusalem Diet because he was in Jerusalem when he got the inspiration for the concepts behind the program. It has nothing to do with the country, or the culture. After he had gained a lot of weight, Haggard decided to try eating nothing but nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables for a day to see how that made him feel. He claimed to notice a difference in how his clothes fit and he felt better, having more energy. As a result of what he experienced, he wrote the book to create a long term plan and share it with others.

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Haggard tells readers to weigh once a day, in the morning, and make it a point to lose a pound a week. On days where you see you weigh more than your goal for the week, you should only eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, and you should exercise for at least an hour. On days where you where less than your goal for the week, you can eat however you want, as long as you are within the guidelines of a healthy diet. You are no instructed to watch your portion size, and there are no “off limit” foods. The idea is that you should behave on your free days so you can avoid the constraints of the other days. Haggard also mentions fasting for one to three days every couple or few months may present with physical and spiritual benefits. This is not a requirement of the program, but a suggestion. He says it is not necessary, but if possible, you should eat organic foods, and presents a list of various soup recipes you can use to help with your weight loss.

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  • This program allows you to continue enjoying all of your favorite foods.
  • This program promotes safe and healthy weight loss at just a pound a week.
  • Changing the number of calories you eat every day can help keep the metabolism where it should be.


  • This program does not provide help for meal planning.
  • Your body weight can fluctuate up to two pounds in a day because of water weight changes, so it may not be accurate to weigh yourself every single day.
  • There is not a lot of information about the nutrition behind the plan.


This approach is certainly not a conventional one, and may not be recommended by most people. The advantage it has over others is the healthy and reasonable goal of only one pound lost per week, and you really only have to “diet” one day at a time.

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