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Jet Alert is a double caffeine product with twice the caffeine of other products, according to the description. The supplement contains just 200 mg of caffeine, so the double caffeine claim is not exactly true. Information from the product label is also available in the product description and many of the claims are completely false. From the start we suggest the dieter choose a different energy product. Jet Alert clearly makes claims that are false and we haven’t even made it to the ingredient list just yet.

Energy supplements are not the same as diet supplements, though dieters often find themselves taking both. Diet supplements contain ingredients to reduce appetite and increase metabolism. Sometimes that means caffeine and other times green tea and other stimulants. Energy supplements contain just caffeine, most of the time, and nothing more.

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  • Caffeine

Product Features

Well, we were just as disappointed in the ingredient list as we were in the product label. The only ingredient in the formula is caffeine – 200 mg. That amount of caffeine can increase energy, but it can also cause some serious side effects. The dieter who doesn’t consume that much caffeine may feel jittery, nauseous and overall just plain crappy when the peak of the caffeine hits the bloodstream.

The product label is another concern. No, the caffeine is not double strength – so that is one problem. Second, caffeine is addictive despite the claim that the supplement is non-habit forming. The body gets used to a regular stream of caffeine and when the dieter misses that dose they will feel tired and have a horrible headache. There is a lengthy warning on the product label as well. This warning is a little more detailed than some we’ve found, but it contains much of the same information.

We love the fact that there is a phone number in the product description so the dieter can contact the company with questions or concerns about the product. We rarely find the company responsible for the caffeine pill let alone a means of connecting the consumer to help from the company.

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  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • The product contains caffeine.
  • Caffeine is supported with clinical research.


  • Dieters should not take 200 mg of caffeine without first working up to that amount.
  • If the dieter takes a caffeinated weight loss product, this supplement is not safe to take on top.


Jet Alert is a caffeine pill and nothing more. You can go into any grocery store and buy the same pill for about the same price. Jet Alert is NOT a double caffeine product and it does not work twice as good as the competitor.

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    I have issues with staying focused and woke long enough to get anything done when I am at work. I tried Jet-Alert on yesterday and was up the entire shift instead of drifting off. I even got my school work done. This product in my opinion is a “thumbs up” from me. I just wouldn’t advise a person take more than 1 a day if it is the double strength one.


  • 2

    Jet Alert works well. I run some of the largest trucks on Earth in all conditions and all shifts (1,120,000 lbs truck fully loaded).. Jet Alert keeps me safe and keeps my coworkers safe by keeping me alert. It is low cost. I like that it is only caffeine. I have been known to use Jet Alert before I hit the gym. Very safe when used as directed.


  • 3

    Do it give you energy


  • 4

    Been taking them for years Take one right before I go to work and works almost all day. I take one before I work out I never had no problems would recommend I even take when I have to travel a long drive. It’s just like drinking a cup of coffee but quicker affect an better


  • 5

    Just started jet alert they seem to keep my mind busy



    It helps when you feeling tired it give you the boost to do whatever


  • 6

    Warning!!!!!!!!!! Think twice before you take these pills!!!! My son took these pills and recently passed away. He did not drink that night and did not take anything else. These pills are very dangerous!!! In my opinion these pills should be taken off the shelves.


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    It does say on the bottle, no more than 1 every 3 hours because it is a dangerous amount to take if your taking more than just the one


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    Formula/Dosage of the Jet-Alert 100mg pills…Also, I’ve never heard of it being advertised as a diet supplement, but like I said before, perhaps for people who for whatever reason consume too much soda, these pills give u the caffeine without the extra side effects of her crap. When u drink 2 or more bottles of soda a day taking these pills aren’t going to give you the jitters or anything else. On the side of the bottle it specifically states to Limit use of caffeine containing products because excessive caffeine, and lists the causes. And also states that no stimulent should be substituted for normal sleep… Just wanted to point those things out.



    Thanks for explaining that venesa! Most caffeine products contain 200mg so I can see where people could get confused.


  • 8

    I just wanted to point out something to you. I’ve been taking jet-alert for almost a year. On top of the double strength I take adderral (extended and immediate release) as well as Modafinil(Provigil), for my Narcolepsy and ADD medical conditions. My insurance won’t pay for as much of the narcolepsy medication that I need, so for me, having a pure caffeine pill (besides the ‘pill ingredients’) is a must. I have lost about 15 lbs in about a months time, but that primarily has to do with the fact that since taking this, and now having my medical stuff under control, in no longer mindlessly drinking soda all day and at work. I’ve pretty much completely stopped soda all together, which has cut out an incredibly large amount of daily sugar intake, which also caused me to gain 80 lbs in 3 yrs… During those 3 yrs I worked full time at a casino, and my daughter is now 4 1/2., I dropped down to part time to go back to school and later that year is when I started having sleep attacks, it took,almost 8 mths to be seen by a sleep dr ,and have the sleep test to diagnose it…taking jet-alert restored my awakeness and alertness (which is what it promotes one bottle), and I’m pretty positive I can say it saved my life at least a couple times. To the point I wanted to make that made me write a comment on the first place, It says DOUBLE STRENGTH on the bottle, because, initially when this came out, the dose for each pill was only 100 mg, which is now their Regular Dose bottle. The 200 mg pills are called Double Strength, because they contain Double Strength Caffeine per pill WHEN COMPARED TO (THEIR OWN ) ORIGINAL F



    Is it fda approved??



    I work for the company and yes we are FDA approved.


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