Jillian Michaels Calorie Control Review

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What You Should Know

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For someone who has worked with obese people trying to lose weight, Jillian Michaels should know the different between good stimulation and bad ingredients. The Jillian Michaels Calorie Control supplement is just one supplement in a line created by the Biggest Loser trainer. The supplements are clearly not created for the obese that may have heart troubles before losing weight. Instead, they are focused on people who have strong hearts that can take a pounding from ingredients like Yerba Mate, Coffee Bean, and Guarana.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Xanthine Complex: Yerba Mate Leaf, Coffee Bean Extract, Guarana Extract and Cocoa Seed Extract.

Maximum Strength Calorie Control Proprietary Blend: L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, Damiana, Ginger Root Powder, White Willow Bark Powder,Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide, Spirulina and Riboflavin.

Product Features

The official website for Jillian Michaels looks more like a photo shoot than a fitness information portal. Nearly every product is laden with a half-clothed picture of Jillian Michaels, which could be why many of her products are still on the market despite having ineffective formulations. Jillian Michaels Calorie Control packs stimulants into a Xanthine Complex. The website even warns about overstimulation and lists the potential side effects associated with consuming too much caffeine and caffeine-style herbs – irritability, nervousness, and sleeplessness.

Sleeplessness is an interesting side effect to take into consideration with any weight loss supplement that contains caffeine. Most will advise the dieter not to take the supplement within 5 to 6 hours before bedtime, but not Jillian Michaels Calorie Control. The last does should be taken just before dinner, so the dieter could seriously have trouble falling asleep.

The Calorie Control Complex is supposed to work by making the dieter eat less – an “automatic diet” as Michaels explains. There is no scientific data to back up these claims and the inclusion of White Willow Bark Powder leads us to believe she was going for an herbal / alternative ECA stack. The supplement retails for $39.99.

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  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • The product costs less than comparable weight loss supplements.


  • The Xanthine Complex may be overpowering for many dieters.
  • Obese dieters should contact a physician before taking this product as it could cause heart and blood pressure problems.


Jillian Michaels struck out with the Jillian Michaels Calorie Control supplement. Working with obese dieters should have changed the way Michaels views weight loss, but money is often more powerful than information. The supplement will increase heart rate and could cause weight loss due to that increase, but people who have heart problems, issues with blood pressure, and a long list of other health concerns should be wary of taking this or any other weight loss supplement stacked with stimulants without approval from a primary care physician.

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