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The Jillian Michaels Diet is a combination of workouts, DVDs, eating plans, books and supplements. The professional personal trainer has covered everything the dieter needs to lose weight, but there is a huge problem. Many of the products and services offered by Jillian Michaels are more expensive than competitor diet programs. Sparkpeople.com, for instance, offers many of the tracking tools and diet tips for no charge. The supplements sold for the Jillian Michaels Diet have been under scrutiny for quite some time. The supplements are packed with stimulants and, in some cases, have been the subject of lawsuits for unrealistic claims.

List of Ingredients

Weight loss diet, tips, books, tools and supplements.

Product Features

The basic Jillian Michaels Diet is available on Michael’s official website. As is the case with nearly every website offering weight loss diets, the dieter must first fill out some personal and contact information to receive a “personalized” diet plan. From there, the dieter can gain access to exclusive tools, workouts and diet guidelines – for a fee. Jillian Michaels charges $4 a week for access to the website. That adds up to more than $200 a year for tools available free from other sites. The DVDs, workouts, supplements and books are sold for an additional charge.

At the heart of the Jillian Michaels diet is reducing calories and amping up metabolism through workouts. This is the same method of weight loss every other diet website offers. We found nothing new or special about the Jillian Michaels Diet. If a dieter wants to use supplements for weight loss, Jillian Michaels offers several supplements, but none are formulated with proven weight loss ingredients. Most contain multiple stimulants, with one kit supplying 500 mg of caffeine per day.

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  • Online tools for personalized weight loss.
  • Michaels supports using supplements for weight loss.
  • Healthy food choices to promote fat loss.
  • Promotes exercise to lose weight.


  • Supplements are not formulated with proven ingredients.
  • The cost of a website membership is more than other websites.
  • Many of the tools are available free on the Internet.


We like Jillian Michaels. She is one of the few personal trainers who promote supplements for weight loss. The fact that her supplements are created with stimulants and no proven weight loss ingredients is a bit of a concern. Proven ingredients like chromium and green tea are relatively inexpensive, but neither is used in Jillian Michaels Diet or weight loss supplements.

We suggest the dieter look elsewhere for a free website with the same tools and trackers. The cost of access is too high for the weight loss support provided. At more than $200 a year, the dieter could choose healthy foods over unhealthy foods and walk every day, saving the money for a healthy, proven weight loss supplement.

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