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Jim Foley’s Colon Pills are designed and marketed as a way to promote a healthy system through the cleansing of the colon. The makers of the colon pills claim cleansing the colon will get the users system back in balance naturally and eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals or antioxidants. Jim Foley’s Colon Pills cleanse the colon by eliminating living and non living foreign matter from the body. According to Jim Foley’s Colon Pills designers, the build up of foreign matter prevents vital organs from performing to their potential. There is no scientific evidence to support the claims of Jim Foley’s Colon Pills nor the benefits of radical cleansing in general. The manufacturers of Jim Foley’s Colon Pills recommend the user cleanse the system with the pills and then purchase another Jim Foley product to use in conjunction with the pills. Jim Foley Products claim that once the colon is thoroughly cleansed the body to eliminate regularly but they recommend their pills as an ongoing supplement.

List Of Ingredients

Jim Foley’s Colon Pills contain seven natural herbs: cascara sagrada, senna pods, psyllium seeds, turkey rhubarb, aloe, barberry root and slippery elm.

Product Features

Jim Foley’s Colon Pills are created from a blend of all natural herbs. The pills purpose is to cleanse the colon by helping it get rid of a build up of foreign matter. The pills are said to rid the body of disease causing parasites by acting as a gentle laxative. The dosing instructions are left for the user to determine on their own. A wrong dosage can lead to uncontrollable emptying of the bowels.

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  • The ingredients are all natural.


  • No online support system.
  • The dosing varies from person to person and this can cause public accidents if you do not have your dosing right.
  • May require a long term commitment, but this is unclear.


Jim Foley’s Colon Pills are a popular colon cleansing product and they have a long track record. The designers of Jim Foley’s Colon Pills created the pills to work to help the colon push out anything that is left in the bowel system after the body has absorbed all the nutrients from the matter. The makers claim the product works to stimulate lazy peristaltic muscles that are supposed to push out the matter but do not rid the body completely. It is unclear if the user is recommended to use the colon pills indefinitely or if they are to be used for a short term and then stopped. Long term use of laxative products is not recommended by the medical community. There are no scientific studies to support the claims made by Jim Foley’s Colon Pills.

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    Néstor campos

    I’m living in corona (queens) NY -11368 How get the Pills or were ? Let me know please thanks