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Jim Karas, author of The Business Plan for the Body, Flip The Switch, and The Cardio-Free Diet. He markets the idea that interval strength training is the only exercise necessary to get in the best shape possible, regardless of age. Karas has appeared on Good Morning America and The View. He has also been a contributing editor for Good Housekeeping magazine, and has written for publications such as “O” Magazine. He has trained celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Gayle King, and has a list of well known corporate clients, including The Federal Reserve Bank, CME Group and Coldwell Banker.

In keeping with his belief that cardio is NOT the way to go to achieve maximum shape, he has developed a line of interval training products that work in conjunction with the plan outlined in his book The Cardio-Free Diet.

Product Features

The Cardio-Free Diet includes an exercise regimen involving interval strength training with no cardio workouts. The 3 day per week plan has two routines of 10 exercises and progressively adds more exercises with each stage (2 weeks) of the program. The exercises utilize a combination of muscle groups to increase calorie-burning and build new muscle tissue which in turn creates a more effective fat burning body.

Critics, however, scoff at the idea of eliminating cardio workouts. Richard Weil, who is the director of a weight-loss program at the New York Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, feels that Karas is misleading the public when he states that aerobic exercise is not beneficial. Cedric Bryant, chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise, argues that lifting weights simply does not provide the same benefits as cardio workouts, or a combination of the two.

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  • You can find copies of the Jim Karas books on websites for under $10.00.
  • Jim Karas has helped some celebrities reach their weight loss goals.


  • This program doesn’t place much emphasis on cardio.
  • You will have to commit to this program completely for it to work as it claims.
  • This program won’t be an option for people with mobility problems or an extremely hectic daily schedule.


The Cardio-Free Diet, the main seller from Jim Karas, is a relatively cheap program that most people should be able to implement into their lives fairly quickly. Strength training is very good for the body and can improve your overall health even if you don’t lose as much weight as you would like. If you were to implement this program and add a strong thermogenic weight loss supplement to your diet, you may get very good results.

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    what size weights should you use and does that make a difference, also where can you buy the elastic ropes?? Thanks