JML Total Gym Fitness Bench Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The JML Total Gym Fitness Bench looks very similar to the Total Gym available in the United States. The product is sold in the UK for about £138.88. Packaged with the JML Total Gym Fitness Bench are a workout DVD and a guide for the many exercises the user can complete on the machine.

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Personal fitness machine.

Product Features

The product description for the JML Total Gym Fitness Bench is a bit light. We do know that the machine folds for easy storage and beginners can use the machine as well as fitness buffs. The included DVD will likely shed more light on how the machine can be used for a daily workout. Exercise guides included with machines like the JML Total Gym Fitness Bench often include pictures and descriptions of the various positions that can be used for exercise.

The JML Total Gym Fitness Bench uses a pulley system and the body weight of the user to create a complete home gym for a mere fraction of the cost. The machine can be used as a rower, sit-up machine and more. We find it difficult to completely review the product due to the sheer lack of information. The official JML website no longer lists this product for sale and delivery is not currently available through retailers we found online. It looks like the JML Total Gym Fitness Bench is no longer in production and local retailers are selling out of the stock they have on hand.

Due to the fact that the JML Total Gym Fitness Bench is sold only in the UK and that local pickup is the only delivery option, the fitness machine is not available for dieters in the United States. Even if a dieter found themselves in a UK store with a machine, the cost may not be worth the price.

The fitness machine market aims a target at new dieters and people who are desperate to find an exercise they like so they can lose more weight. The JML Total Gym Fitness Bench appears to have the same sales pitch as the Total Gym in the United States – one machine, many workouts. Every muscle worked on this machine can be equally worked with walking, jogging, sit-ups and push-ups for zero dollars.

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  • The price is reduced £31.00 for UK residents.
  • Folds for easy storage.


  • Not available in the United States.
  • Not available for delivery.


Working out is part of weight loss. Dieters need to move more in order to lose more. The JML Total Gym Fitness Machine is not going to work any better than a walk or jog around the block and a few sit-ups and push-ups.

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