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Joan Weiskopf, M.S. is a veterinary clinical nutritionist. She is the author of the book Pet Food Nation. The book provides and overview of the pet food recalls that created a sandalMs. Weiskopf’s goal is to inform and educate pet owners about what they feed the pets, and place less emphasis on how they feed their pets. Pet Food Nation provides a brief overview of the recall as well as Ms. Weiskopf’s views on the healthiest way to feed our pets to provide them with a healthy life.

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Weiskopf’s discusses her view on commercial pet food as not being a healthy diet for pets. Ms. Weiskopf explains her views based on is the case of rendered products and other ingredients. She also discusses other options. The other options she provides is a combination of commercial and homemade, strictly homemade, raw, and others. Ms. Weiskopf’s recommendation is to ultimately switch their pets to strictly homemade foods. The diet made of fresh cooked foods provides the most nutrition for the pets. The book also contains several recipes for homemade pet food.

Keeping in mind that not everyone will want to or be able to feed their pets a homemade diet full time, she educates the reader about how to read a pet food label. These instructions include “what the placement of ingredients means, what those ingredients actually are, and what terms like lite, low-calorie, and lean actually mean.”

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  • Written by a well respected person in the homemade pet food industry.
  • Includes recipes and tips.
  • Provides guidance and alternatives that will help with the pet’s health.
  • Easy to read.
  • Educational about labels and other factors for people who choose to continue purchasing commercial pet food.


  • May require a lifestyle change and commitment.


Pet Food Nation is a good resource book for helping a pet live a healthier life. The situation with the recalled pet food is fully documented and will help the reader make an informed decision about what to do for their pet in light of the many recalls. Joan Weiskopf’s book is easy to read and easy to follow the instructions. The book is informative about current pet food events and will help provide all the necessary information needed to get on the right track with your pets health.

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