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Joe Dowdell is a professional fitness trainer and author with a client history straight off the Hollywood A list. Dowdell has trained and worked with Mario Lopez, 50 Cent and Ann Hathaway. His official websites offers an in-depth biography, short client list and information on how you can learn how to be leaner and healthy by using 30 free tips – if you sign-up for the Joe Dowdell newsletter. Information, articles and reviews of Joe Dowdell’s programs have been published in Vogue, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health and more.

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  • Personal trainer.

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When you want to get in shape like the stars, you can learn from celebrity trainers like Joe Dowdell. The official website from Dowdell leaves much to be desired for the average dieter, however. Aside from information on how to subscribe to the 30 Tips to a Leaner You, there are only three items for sale in Joe Dowdell’s online store and two are for personal trainers. Dieters can purchase the Ultimate You Weight Loss Plan for less than $20 (the price). The book claims to help dieters find a hormonal balance that helps achieve weight loss while teaching how to utilize exercise time to the fullest for better results. No details about the diet or exercise program are revealed in the description. On Amazon, the book is touted as a weight loss solution for women with programs ranging from 30 days to more than four months.

Joe Dowdell is also the part owner of Peak Performance gym in New York City. The gym was named one of the top 10 gyms in the United States in 2009, but only locals have the opportunity to join and utilize the gym unless the dieter is willing to travel to New York for the sake of visiting Peak Performance.

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  • Joe Dowdell is a well-regarded, successful celebrity trainer.
  • His biography is packed with education, knowledge and experience.
  • The Ultimate You diet plan earned rave reviews from readers.


  • There are no details about foods allowed on the Ultimate You plan.
  • Joe Dowdell’s gym is located in New York City.
  • Only one book is advertised on the Joe Dowdell website.


Joe Dowdell is, without a doubt, a trusted personal trainer with a celebrity client list most trainers would love to brag about, but being a celebrity trainer does not mean you can offer the average Joe answers to weight loss troubles. There is no information on Dowdell’s eating or exercise plans leaving the dieter with more questions than answers.

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