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John Byington with Robert W. Bly are the authors of Better Than Ever: The Fast-Track to Peak Performance in the Bedroom. John Byington was once the CEO and Director of Southwest Research Institute, a New Mexico-based R&D facility specializing in the research of natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals for male potency. Due to his own challenges after colon cancer and prostate cancer in his 40′s, John decided to take nutritional supplements to help with his sexual challenges. He claims he was restored to full male potency and an active sex life. Mr. Byington is a graduate from the Law School at the University of Nebraska. His experiences were further enhanced when he married his second wife, Eveline with whom he participated in a number of workshops. The workshops included Eastern Tantra, emotional release work, and transpersonal psychology.

Robert W. Bly is an independent writer and advertising consultant. He has written more than 24 books that include Targeted Public Relations, The Ultimate Unauthorized Stephen King Trivia Challenge, and 101 Ways to Make Every Second Count. His articles have been published in Cosmopolitan, Amtrak Express, New Jersey Monthly, and Writer’s Digest. Mr. Bly is also a member of the American Foundation for Urologic Disease.

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The authors of the book claim the reader will experience great sex by next Saturday when reading the book, if not sooner. The book promises to help the reader accomplish “hot spontaneous sex you desire naturally.” This is described as being done naturally with no dangerous drugs, embarrassing tools, or potentially failed surgeries. As men age it can take longer to get an erection. These are usually not as firm or long-lasting as they were when he was younger. Sometimes older men may feel they will not be able to get an erection at all. This results in fewer initiations of sex due to the fear of being embarrassed.

Although millions of men do not have the sex life, sex drive, or potency they of their younger days or the amounts they want it is rarely discussed. Unfortunately many mend just give up on a very enjoyable aspect of life. The book claims to be able to help men enjoy sexual activity again. In the book Better than Ever, John Byington discusses men’s desire to have great sex. The book takes a unique and natural approach to erection disorder rather than focusing on drugs and surgery. The book is written in direct language and provides specific information, as Mr. Byington explains how firm frequent erections can occur naturally again.

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  • Written by a well respected people within the sexuality community.
  • Includes tips and facts that are useful and entertaining.
  • Provides guidance and instruction in clear language.


  • Methods may not work for everyone.


John Byington with Robert Bly has written a book that will provide the reader with information needed to reclaim their sex life.

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