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The JoJo Workout is a plan devised by JoJo – the pop star – to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. It can be extremely difficult as a pop star who’s constantly on the road to eat right and exercise, but JoJo makes it a point and her fans are following suit. JoJo works with a personal trainer for specific workouts, but she also ventures out on her own for cardio, weight training, yoga and boxing. The JoJo Workout is not a precise workout with set exercises – it is a program of healthy eating, daily exercise and dedication to the human body that many older dieters could learn from.

There are no specific rules for the JoJo Workout. There is no book or workout plan with her name on it for dieters to follow. To learn more about the JoJo Workout, dieters can read articles in Seventeen and Self Magazines, among others.

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  • Fitness and nutritional workout followed by JoJo.

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The JoJo Workout is named after a pop star. The routine incorporates tradition exercise movements such as lunges, calf raises, leg lifts and squats to improve overall health and wellbeing. The routine was designed by JoJo with the assistance of celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince.

Since the routine has no specific guidelines, the routines can be adjusted and modified to fit any fitness level. What we found was the workout was geared toward target training. We have found and science reveals that target training in not always ideal for improving total body health.

The best part of the routine is the cost. Since the exercises can be performed anywhere, the cost is free. The only thing needed from the dieter is the motivation to workout on a consistent basis.

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  • The fitness routine is similar to workouts already on the market.
  • The moves can be easily modified.


  • The workout is not ideal for all fitness types.
  • The workout does not guarantee weight loss.
  • The average dieter may not have the time of a celebrity to engage in this type of fitness program.


The JoJo Workout is a healthy combination of eating right and moving more. The pop star has learned how to manage work life, fitness and nutrition no matter what it takes. She works out in the early morning hours, midday and late at night – whenever the free time presents itself. There are too many dieters who think they need to eat this or eat that – move like this or move like that. The real answer to diet and weight loss is to move more, eat healthier and make time for change.

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