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The 12 Second Sequence is book written by New York Times bestselling author Jorge Cruise. Jorge Cruise is an internationally recognized expert who focuses on body metabolism in order for dieters to lose weight. The Jorge Cruise 12 Second Sequence is a method in which dieters lose belly fat through resistance training. The plan focuses on Controlled Tension, a system of static contraction and slow cadence lifting. The dieter performs the plan two times per week for 20 minutes. The book is not available on the official website, but available at online retailer for $4.21.

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Hardcover book.

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The Jorge Cruise 12 Second Sequence is a system claiming dieters will loss belly fat over the course of the 8 week program. The program utilizes static contraction and a slow cadence in order to achieve results. Additional equipment including a Swiss ball and kettle bells. Broken up into two phases, the first phase of the Jorge Cruise 12 Second Sequence is performed at home. The second phase requires a gym membership.

The information provided in the Jorge Cruise 12 Second Sequence tends to be confusing for the novice dieter. Te exercise sequences consist of 20 minute sessions, twice a week. Each workout consists of three circuits and four moves. The dieter performs 12 moves per workout and four repetitions per move.

Jorge Cruise offers multiple websites speaking of his weight loss books, but does not offer them for sale to the consumer. We found the Jorge Cruise 12 Second Sequence available at online retailer for $4.21 for the hardcover copy.

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  • Weight loss program s designed for all levels of fitness.
  • Workout time is minimal.
  • Positive reviews from world renowned doctors and medical professionals.


  • Not available on the official website.
  • Claims of weight loss are not supported by documented research.
  • The program requires dieters to purchase additional workout equipment.
  • The second phase of the program requires dieters to attend a gym.
  • The exercise sequence is confusing due to the title suggesting a 12 second sequence and none of the workouts are longer than the suggested time.
  • The dietary recommendations of 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 20 percent fat is high for dieters looking to reduce weight.


The Jorge Cruise 12 Second Sequence follows the system which made Cruise famous, but is confusing to the novice dieter. Claims of a 12 second sequence are not accurate due to workouts being 20 minutes, two times per week. On top of the confusing workout, Cruise asks dieters to purchase additional equipment in order to be successful. The book continues to recommend additional exercises in order to lose weight. The exercises suggested will increase weight loss more than the recommendations in the book.

The Jorge Cruise 12 Second Sequence suggests clinical studies associated with the methodology, but we could not locate the studies on the official website. Through our research, we found the Jorge Cruise 12 Second Sequence to be an effective guide, but not an effective weight loss tool.

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