Jorge Cruise 3 Hour Diet Review

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Jorge Cruise is a bestselling author of diet and exercise books designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and weight loss management. The Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet is a book claiming dieters will lose at a minimum 10 pounds in two weeks. The premise behind the book is eating specific foods every three hours. Jorge Cruise provides the list of foods and claims the dieter does not need to count calories, but suggests a diet of 1450 calories per day. The book is not available on the official website, only third party websites such as for a low as $3.09 for the paperback copy.

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Paperback copy of the Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet.

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The Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet offers dieters information on how they will lose up to 10 pounds in two week while eating every three hours. The book provides clinical research, but we could not find the studies supporting the effectiveness of the Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet. The diet focuses more on calorie counting and not on a balanced weight loss program. A program that would include a balance of diet and exercise.

Jorge Cruise provides a detailed list of recommended foods, including fast food restaurants. We found the foods from fast food restaurants included in the Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet to be high in trans-fat and unhealthy. We found the information Jorge Cruise provides to be similar to every fad diet on the market.

The Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet does not offer the dieter an exercise plan to follow along with the diet. The plan could potentially have adverse side effects. In the event a dieter consumes less than 1450 calories on a daily basis, the increase calories count could potentially add weight and not reduce weight. Conversely, any dieter will lose weight with a reduction of calories.

The Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet offers a free seven day trial on the official website. Consumers must cancel the subscription or their credit card is charged on a quarterly basis. The book is not available on the official website, only on third-party websites for as little as $3.09.

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  • The book is available at online retailers.
  • The book is inexpensive, costing as little as $3.09 for the paperback version.
  • The diet offers a one week free trial offer.


  • The book does not provide new information regarding diet.
  • The plan does not offer an exercise plan.
  • The Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet is not available on the official website.
  • Claims of weight loss are not supported by clinical research.
  • The book focuses on the negative side of other diets and promotion of his website instead of results-driven information.
  • The book promotes 1450 calories per day, but doesn’t address activity level of the individual.


Eating a restricted diet will assist in weight loss, but should not be the only means of weight loss. The Jorge Cruise 3-Hour Diet does not address the need to exercise. A balanced diet, exercise and the correct amount of nutritional supplements provides a dieter with the tools for success, not merely a book designed to self promote the authors products.

The book promotes unhealthy eating within the 1450 calorie diet. Jorge Cruise tells dieters it is okay to visit fat food restaurants in order to fulfill calorie requirements.

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