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The Jorge Hane Weight Loss Program addresses the physical as well as psychological issues associated with losing weight and keeping it off. Jorge Hané, past producer of Latin American fitness videos, created this program when he saw a need for more than just exercise programs. He combines an eating plan that is designed to help users develop healthy habits, an exercise plan which works in tandem with regular aerobic activity such as walking, and a natural dietary supplement containing Green Tea and Java Leaf extracts.

The herbal supplement claims to work by reducing appetite, and stimulating fat cells to release much needed energy into the body. The Java Leaf extract works as a powerful antioxidant, and also aids in elimination of waste because it works as a natural diuretic and mild laxative.


The weight loss supplement contains: Green Tea Extract, Java Leaf Extract, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin.

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All things considered, this plan is basically a straightforward, sensible approach to weight loss that could be obtained without spending the money for the supplement. With no more than one bottle of supplements, and the exercise and meal plans, this is probably not worth the price of $59.95 plus $7.95 S/H. While quantity discounts are offered for buying in 90 and 180 day supplies, it still doesn’t make this product a cost-effective solution for weight loss.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee (less shipping charges), and the product can be ordered through the website or via telephone at 800-999.3535.

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  • The supplement contains Green Tea Extract which is a very mild thermogenic and contains many antioxidants.
  • This program offers a complete solution to weight control.


  • You will need to adhere to the guidelines in each different plan to successfully lose weight.
  • The price of the supplements is very high considering they only have two active ingredients.
  • The supplements don’t contain an appetite suppressant.


Jorge Hane isn’t too well known in some parts of the world but actually has a pretty devoted following. We found a few testimonials around the internet but they seemed to be split 50/50 on this program and its effectiveness. It can be a little overwhelming for dieters to jump right into a program that requires them to alter their eating habits and begin exercising. If you are wiling to change your lifestyle a bit, sensible eating and exercise will probably help you lose weight.

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    Good morning I am living in Port Elizabeth in South Africa and your product was sold here at Clicks and so on and I was using it for a while and it was really working but know they don’t sell it anymore at those stores and I just want to know where can I buy it now in South African Rand?


  • 2

    he adquirido la crema y el gel, quisiera saber si se aplican una a continuacion de la otra, por que las indicaciones sugieren el mismo horario de aplicacin, gracias


  • 3

    hi ,i want to know if i can used reduce fat fast to loose my weight. iwant to loose 38 kg i’m just 24 years old.
    Please i need an answer for my question. Thanks karine


  • 4

    yo vivo en Ecuador en la ciudad de Ambato y deseo saber como puedo obtener el producto necesito un numero, dirección o saber simse vende en farmacias etc y tambien el valor del mismo.
    espero tener noticias ya que me interesa mucho consumirlo.


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    Rosanna van Straaten

    Where can i find your book that you were talking about this morning on South African TV. It’s so easy to loose weight.