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Judith Rodriguez, Ph.D., R.D., F.A.D.A is a professor at the University of North Florida, a nutritionist, and a clinical dietician. She is also the author of The Diet Selector. The goal of The Diet Selector is to help people choose which plans might be right for them. Many people select plan after plan but are unsuccessful in them. The book discusses numerous diets including cleansing, meal replacement, Atkins, the Glycemic Index, Zone, The Tri-color Diet, Complete Hip and Thigh Diet and the Pregnancy Diet. Ms. Rodriguez gives a through explanation about the diets along with specific information about how the diet works, sample menu plans for each diet and the pros and cons of the diets. The diet plans come with a resource section that lists both online and books available to people who have narrowed down their choices and want to investigate further or those that want to get started. Similar diet plans are also listed in the resource box so the reader will be able to cross reference.

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In The Diet Selector, Ms. Rodriguez gives each diet a rating that is based on the “long-term usability, flexibility, family-friendliness, cost, and how strong the science is behind the claims of a diet.” The diets are color coded with bullet icons to answer various questions about each diet.

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  • Comes with an objective rating system.
  • Appears factual and without any bias for one system over the other.
  • Focused on helping the reader find a diet that works for them.
  • Recognizes the need to prepare the meal for the family as well.


  • A lot of information to look through.
  • Starting one of the diets requires buying another book or supplement to learn how to do that diet effectively.


Judith C. Rodriguez Ph.D. is well respected in the dieting community. Her credentials and factual way she wrote the book will be an asset to the person who is tired of trying diets and wants to find a diet that works for them. The book is comprehensive with diet plan information. She also provides tips on how to take a life-long approach to weight loss and health, how to realistically increase activity levels and how to determine the readers ideal weight. Ms. Rodriguez also includes much needed information on eating disorders.

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