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The Juice Diet, also known as the Juice Fast, is a diet centered on consuming juice to detox the body, increase urination and increase bowel movements. Various fruit and vegetable juices are allowed on the fast. There is no official website, but plenty of online resources are available with information on the Juice Diet. Dieters must be wary of following this fad diet. Drinking only juice will lead to weight loss, but it could also lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, reduced metabolism, hunger and rebound weight gain when food is reintroduced. Some versions of the Juice Diet allow the dieter to consume fruits and vegetables after the first three days on the fast and then add in more foods gradually over one, two or three weeks time. There are no clinical studies proving the Juice Diet is more effective than a healthy eating and exercise plan.

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The Juice Diet is about more than visiting the local grocery store and buying cartons of juice. The dieter needs to have a home juicer and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Juices are made fresh each morning, or several times during the day. According to one website, the Juice Diet promotes weight loss of up to 45 pounds in one-month. This is a claim with no clinical support. Health experts warn dieters about diets making extraordinary claims. Losing 45 pounds in one month is nearly impossible without medication or surgery and even then, it is unhealthy.

There are literally thousands of juicing recipes. Some use grasses, spinach, lettuce, carrots, beets, apples, pears and grapes to create unique flavors. Just because a dieter likes the taste of one juice or another does not mean that juice supplies all the vitamins and nutrients the body needs. Changing up ingredients throughout the day based on the nutritional profile of a given set of ingredients is important, but this can be very difficult for some dieters.

The Juice Diet is costly. The dieter needs to purchase a juicer and fresh fruits and vegetables multiple times a week. Some juices can be prepared and frozen for later use.

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  • Juice supplies healthy vitamins and nutrients.


  • The start-up cost for the Juice Diet is more than $100.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive.
  • Some fruits are high in calories.
  • Natural sugars could cause blood glucose to spike.


The Juice Diet may be effective for a few days at a time, but long-term use of the diet for weight loss is not a healthy choice. Fruits and vegetables do not supply the protein needed for muscle production and preservation. High fructose intake could cause extreme hunger and is not safe for diabetics.

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