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The Juice Master was created by Jason Vale who is a leading authority in the UK on addiction, juicing and the power of juice from raw fruits and vegetables. Drinking the fresh juice of fruits and vegetables helps consumers live a healthy and more vibrant life. The Juice Master has books and CDs that have been translated into Turkish, Portuguese, Danish, Finish, Swedish, Dutch and French and have been distributed worldwide. We are not disputing the positive effect that fruits and vegetables can have on our bodies but we will investigate how fruits and vegetables alone can help with weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Fruits and vegetables.

Product Features

There is not a great deal of information on how Jason Vale’s juice program helps user’s battle addiction, helps with weight loss, or helps users become more vibrant. The official website does say that the Juice Master products are sold all over Europe and that Jason Vale is very popular in the UK. There are also no user testimonials available.

The official website for the Juice Master sells juicers and blenders, books, CDs, supplements, and exercise equipment, extras’, and offers packages and bargains. The website also juice programs including: 7lbs in 7 days, 3 day detox, clear skin, wheatgrass, 7 day launch program, and turbo change your life in 14 days. There is also information regarding how to open and run your own juice franchise, juice retreats, juice therapy, and a juice foundation. The prices vary for memberships and for juice products. There is also a juice news section.

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  • Fruits and vegetables are a healthy component of any diet.


  • Drinking fruit and vegetable juice alone will not provide lasting weight loss.
  • No user testimonials are available.
  • Website contains very little substantial information.


While eating fruits and vegetables is a component of any healthy diet, alone they will not produce lasting weight loss. Any healthy diet should be a combination of food groups that are healthy for the consumer. If you are looking for a product or diet to help with weight loss you might want to continue your search. A good weight loss product should include an appetite suppressant, a healthy diet, and an exercise plan that works for you.

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  • 1

    I have followed this diet and read the books and have to say if you enjoy feeling hungry then it is for you. I was starving!!

    Although the juices are tasty and I enjoyed them, they simply are not enough to keep you going.

    I will try and continue with the morning ones and have a healthy main meal.


  • 2

    I have just completed The Juice Master, 7lbs in 7days plan and have nothing but praise for it. I have lost 12lbs in 7 days and inches from my waist, hips and bust.

    I’m now on the follow up plan which is about combining vegetable juices into your daily diet either as a breakfast or lunch or both. Lunch and dinner meals are predominantly fresh veg and/or salad with a good portion of protein AND making sure that you EXERCISE and move your body on a daily basis.

    Jason provides a list of foods that you must avoid to aachieve long-term weight loss because these foods are empty calories and your body does not get the nutrients that it needs to function from these foods.

    My energy levels have increased beyond my expectation. I found the first 3 days the hardest, by day 4 my body kicked into another gear and I was up and jogging in the morning before work, and I continue to do this as well. I use dumbells after my run to work on my upper body.

    If undertaking this plan, you need to be mentally prepared to not only change your relationship with food, but your lifestyle.

    It is a lot of work, 5 juices a day for 7 consecutive days. However, by day 4 I felt satisfied and full and only needed to drink 3 juices a day, but everyone is different.

    I am testimony to the fact that this plan does achieve amazing weight loss results as long as you FOLLOW the plan. Read every chapter of the book, don’t skip through it. With Jason’s writing style, it feels like you have a counsellor and a very good friend in your hand at all times.

    Jason has himself been a sufferer of Asthma and Psoriasis. He explains that juicing helped him overcome these ailments.

    If you want to kick start a healthy new attitude to eating and your weight loss, then this is the book for you.


  • 3
    sheila cheung

    i have been on a juicing week in Turkey and found it amazing I have not only lost weight I have reduced my cholesterol from 7.5 to 5.3 in 10 days.Of course its not good to only drink juices but if you add one healthy meal a day you will continue to lose weight and feel great.


  • 4

    I started to become interested when I saw the effects it had on a friend. I also read reviews in Mens Health Mag. There were a lot of people poo pooing the idea and others singing the praises of this type of diet. I am more convinced by the example of my friend who seems to be full of energy and after the introductory phase now eats a mix of juice and everyday food. I’ve just bought my own juicer and I hope it will do the same for me. Mike


  • 5

    I am looking to change my diey to fight against asthma. I have cut out wheat, meat, dairy, yeast, eggs and eat a maily ftuit and veg diet. Would the juice master diet help me and what benefits of advice would you have for asthma?


    former asthmatic

    I have struggled with severe asthma my whole life. I recently bought a book called “The Maker’s Diet” and have been gradually changing my diet per the books guidelines. As long as I stay close to the guidelines, I have NO asthma whatsoever and am inhaler-free for the first time in my life. Check it out.


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