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The Juicing Bible is a book about juicing and contains many different recipes. Though not solely a book of juice recipes, there is a good bit of information about the practice and its benefits. If you are looking to learn more about the practice of juicing, this book is for you. If you are looking for a book of juice recipes, then this is not the thing you are looking for.

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The Juicing Bible comes across to many as though it would be a book of recipes for fresh juices. Instead of being a “cookbook” for raw juices full of recipes, it is instead an information book, which could be used as a reference to determine what benefits certain juice combinations have to offer. It is a strong proponent of a raw food plant based diet, which could be nutritionally harmful in terms of protein content, and hard to stick to for a lot of people who do not enjoy fruits and vegetables. It also promotes the use of soy, which is processed, and can be harmful in high amounts. In this book you will learn about fruit juices, vegetable juices, cocktails (mixtures of juice with spices, yogurt, or some other “extra” ingredient. There is a section on frozen treats that discusses how to use the pulp and juice to make your own cold treats. There is a section called “roughies” that utilizes the food and the pulp. There is a section on juicing to make smoothies. There is a chapter on digestive aids. You also get coffee substitutes, and milk substitute recipes, as well as teas and tonics.

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  • The Juicing Bible contains a wealth of information as a resource.
  • This book is available from various merchants online and off.


  • The Juicing Bible is not a diet.
  • This does not contain any exercise advice.
  • Juicing can get expensive, because of the fresh produce and the investment in the machine.


The Juicing Bible is a potentially misguided book title. Many people turn to a title like this one for several different recipes to choose from. However, this book does not contain very many recipes at all. As juicing is not a diet, it does not guarantee weight loss. The idea is that if you increase your fruit and vegetable intake you will feel fuller on fewer calories, and feel better without as much junk food, so you can eat less and lose weight. For those who are looking to lose weight, we recommend exercise, as well. For an even greater advantage, a weight loss supplement will help increase the weight you lose compared to diet and exercise alone.

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