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Jump Snap is a product created by Brad Letour, a “regular guy” who had weight problems for years. Brad Letour recognized the potential that the schoolyard exercise of jump rope has for burning fat and helping people lose inches. The problem he had with jumping rope was that people would trip over it, which would lead to frustration. To solve this problem, the Jumpsnap device was created to be “the first ropeless jump rope.”

The Jumpsnap offers you much more than a traditional jump rope will. By removing the rope, you can do all kinds of exercises that would otherwise get you all tangled up, frustrated, or even cause you to fall and risk injury. The official Jumpsnap website acknowledges the fact that you can’t just lose weight without effort, and encourages you to eat healthy and stick to your exercise regimen if you expect to lose weight. Jumpsnap claims it can help you to burn more calories than other devices like a treadmill, exercise bike, or stair stepper.

since this is an exercise machine.

Product Features

Jumpsnap is basically a jump rope without the rope. There is a small readout on the handles that you hold and we assume that this shows the calories burned, number of jumps, or similar information. You will get some instructional DVDs along with booklets and other informational material.

There are tons of products that are sold to accompany the Jumpsnap, such as an anti-shock mat, lifetime warranty, and extra instructional DVDs. You can buy multiple Jumpsnap handles in a family package or instructor package. The anti-shock mat is recommended if you are significantly overweight, or have a history of knee and joint problems.

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  • The Jumpsnap offers you classic exercise with a modern twist.
  • You will lose weight if you follow the Jumpsnap program exactly.


  • Jumpsnap is fairly expensive at $59.90 for a basic package.
  • No supplements or meal plans are provided.
  • A regular jump rope will cost you only 99 cents, and offers similar benefits.


The Jumpsnap is a unique product that many people have probably never heard of. A “rope-less” jump rope seems like a very strange idea, but if you have ever tripped on a jump rope and landed pretty hard, it might seem sensible. The Jumpsnap claims to burn 100 calories every five minutes, which is very nice if you have the motivation to use it. The problem with the Jumpsnap is that, like most exercise equipment, people who buy it might not use it at all. The Jumpsnap looks like a good and novel form of exercise, so if you want to add this to your weight management routine and you think you will really use it, you should try it out. In addition to a Jumpsnap regimen, we would highly recommend taking an herbal diet supplement that combines fat burners and appetite suppressants.

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    Ruby Boldin

    I ordered 3, 2 for gifts and 1 for myself. The one I have for myself does nothing but drains the battery. How can I return it and get another replacement?