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Jumpsoles are weighted platforms that are worn underneath shoes while training physically in order to build calf muscles, increase jumping height and train muscles in the foot, leg and ankles. Jumpsoles have been used by professional teams including the Wisconsin Badgers and the Brazilian soccer team in order to improve vertical jump and vertical leap. Many users report gains of 5-8 inches in jump height, while some report gains of 8-12 inches from training with Jumpsoles. Jumpsoles can be purchased from the official website or from other online retailers like Amazon. Jumpsoles are manufactured by JumpUSA, a reputable sports training company based in Sunnyvale, California.


JumpUSA’s official website offers many other sports training items including a video game that claims to improve one’s real-life basketball playing skills, glasses that train the wearer not to look at the ball while dribbling and many other products for several sports. The website itself is a bit clumsy to navigate, but it is does have an impressive collection of sports training products in one place.

Product Features

Jumpsoles work by taking the body’s weight off of the heel and thereby building the calf muscles. An optional product that can be added onto Jumpsoles are Proprioceptor Plugs. These are balls that are inserted into the bottom of the Jumpsoles platforms, causing the foot to rotate on the ball. The purpose behind the Proprioceptor Plugs is to use “controlled imbalance” to strengthen the foot and ankle muscles to minimize the risk of injuring them during sport or exercise.

Jumpsoles are sold for around $80 for just the Jumpsoles and around $100 for the Jumpsoles with a training manual and DVD. The upgrade to Proprioceptor Plugs cost about $35. JumpUSA offers a one-year money-back guarantee on Jumpsoles, which means customers can use them for one full year and still return them for a full refund if not satisfied with the results.

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  • Jumpsoles come with a one-year money-back manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Jumpsoles have been used by professional sports teams to gain jump height.
  • Jumpsoles offers customer testimonials on its website.
  • Jumpsoles are easy to purchase online from the official website or from other online retailers.
  • This product seems like it would be beneficial to almost any professional athlete, but also hikers, climbers and even dancers to improve physical performance and prevent injury.



  • Critics of Jumpsoles say that the same gains in jump height can be gained without using Jumpsoles.


Jumpsoles are a well-known training aid for athletes in many sports, including basketball, soccer, karate and football. They are devices worn on the outside of the shoes that put the body’s weight onto the calf, thereby strengthening the lower leg muscles and improving jump height. The Proprioceptor Plugs for Jumpsoles also train the ankle muscles to prevent sprains and other injuries. Jumpsoles sell online for about $100 with a training manual and DVD, and the optional plugs are about $35.


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