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Editor's Review: 3.6 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Jungle Burn is an ‘all natural’ weight loss supplement, which is said to help you lose weight naturally without the Yo-yo affect. The official website claims that the powerful Chá de Bugre, the active (and only) ingredient listed, increases metabolism and suppresses appetite. They also say that it’s “not unusual” for anyone weighing 180 lbs or more to lose 10 lbs a week, of course they also include the disclaimer that “results may vary”.

The makers of Jungle Burn make many claims as to its effectiveness in achieving permanent weight loss without dangerous side effects; however, they include the standard medical disclaimer at the bottom of each page. While the site does look professional, and includes a contact form for customer service, none of the pages are encrypted, including the shopping cart/order form, therefore any information that you type in to their forms will not be protected.

List of Ingredients

Jungle Burn lists only one ingredient-Chá de Bugre, which contains potassium, caffeine, allantoin and allantonic acid. Jungle Burn claims to be totally free of stimulants such as Ephedra and Ephedrin, additives and fillers.

Product Features

Jungle Burn, on the official site, is sold in quantities of 60 pills, which when taken as directed amounts to a 30-day supply. 1 bottle costs $59.95, with discounts offered for 3 or 6 pack purchases. The official site does offer a “full and prompt” refund (purchase price less shipping and handling charges) within 90 days of purchase, after return of unused portion, at customer’s expense.

Be aware that the official site claims: “We use the safest credit card processing system on the internet. All information about your order is encrypted, and cannot be viewed by anyone else”; however, when viewed in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, neither the site, nor the shopping cart page are encrypted in any way. Therefore, entering payment information on such a site will not be protected.

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  • Jungle Burn claims to be all natural.


  • Jungle Burn’s official website doesn’t offer much security to keep your private information private.
  • There is no trial available on the official Jungle Burn website.
  • The active ingredient in this product hasn’t undergone enough clinical trials to prove its effectiveness.


Hoodia took the world by storm a few years ago as an appetite suppressant that may truly help reduce food cravings. Since then, many companies have been looking for something to rival Hoodia and this product tries just that. Unfortunately, the official Jungle Burn website just doesn’t provide enough information. There aren’t any posted clinical trials and you can’t get a trial of Jungle Burn. The active ingredient in this product is worth keeping an eye on but at $60.00 per bottle and without proven results, you may want to look elsewhere for now.

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