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Board certified family doctor Daphne Miller wrote the book, The Jungle Effect to learn more about how other people in other cultures ate and lived. The idea behind this was to take what they did to learn from it so she could help the American lifestyle become more healthy to combat the obesity epidemic. In preparation for writing the book, she visited areas that were known for their low levels of depression, heart disease, and many other common ailments in our society. She paid special attention to what foods they ate, how they were prepared, and what combinations they were eaten in so she could see the true potential of how to do it at home.

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In the book, she discusses the foods, combinations, and preparation techniques used in each of the regions she visited. She talks about how you too can benefit from it, and if you do not wan to follow certain foods from certain regions, you are free to mix and match to suit your tastes so you can combat against multiple conditions at once. As an example, she visited Crete, a place known for low instances of heart disease and found their diets to be highly comprised of: red wine, olive oil, legumes, whole grains, and plenty of leafy greens. She traveled to Mexico, where there is a low level of diabetes and found these foods: cilantro, nuts, avocado, jicama, beans, peppers, and corn. She traveled to West Africa where there is a low instance of colon cancer and found these foods: greens, millet, wild game, bananas, and yogurt. She traveled to Iceland, where there is low instance of depression and found these foods: flax seed oil, organic dairy, omega 3 enriched eggs, cabbage, split peas, walnuts, and potatoes.. She traveled to Onkinawa, Japan where there is a low instance of breast and prostate cancer and found these foods: fish, miso, bok choy, tomato, mushrooms, grapefruit, and tofu, to name a few. All cultures were very physically active, so she recommends high levels of exercise as well.

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  • This book presents accounts of each culture and includes interesting information.
  • This book includes recipes from all the cultures.
  • This book discusses lifestyle to prevent disease.


  • There is no meal plan provided in the book.
  • Following this diet is likely not enough to prevent or treat any disease.
  • This is not targeted at weight loss.


By making changes to your diet to help prevent disease, you can easily see weight loss, but there is no guarantee or claims of weight loss. You should always exercise and make sure you eat a nutritionally balanced diet. Take a proven weight loss supplement for best results.

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