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Sometimes all the supplements and natural ingredients used in supplement products can get confusing. How can you really know for certain what is safe to take? Well, the first thing you should address is your issue or condition. What do you need a supplement for? This is a good place to start. At this point, you can begin your search for the right product. Now we are going to scrutinize the natural substance, Juniper Berry, and elaborate on what it is used for.

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Juniper Berry.

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Juniper Berry is a type of berry that comes from several species of juniper plants. It is a female seed cone, and is commonly used as a spice in cooking. Since it has a unique flavor, it can be used to season meats like pork and wild birds. Juniper Berry is typically used in gin as well. It gives it the distinct flavor so many people love. However, this natural berry extract is more widely used today in supplement formulas. Many of which can be acquired online with little effort.

Many herbalists agree that Juniper Berry extract can be used to treat bladder infections. However, it is often combined with other herbal components like Buchu, Parsley, and Uva Ursi. The dosage taken of Juniper Berry is important. Since essential oils from this berry can irritate the kidneys, it is important to speak with a licensed physician or herbalist to acquire more information prior to taking Juniper Berry supplements. This natural substance has also been used as an anti-dandruff rinse, as well as an anti-fungus remedy. Although it is sometimes added to dietary supplements for weight loss, there is no proof that Juniper Berry aids with fat reduction at all.

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  • This natural berry extract may aid with bladder infections.
  • Juniper Berry can be used to season meats and other foods.
  • This substance is easy to come by in supplement form.


  • There is no correlation between Juniper Berry and weight loss.
  • Some individuals may experience negative reactions to this berry.
  • If too much Juniper Berry is taken, it can irritate the kidneys.
  • This natural herbal ingredient is not regulated well by the FDA.


It is clear that there are numerous natural ingredients and herbal substances used in dietary supplements nowadays. However, just because they are natural does not mean you should take them. It does not even mean they will help you with anything. In regards to the Juniper Berry, this substance is mostly discussed in reference to food seasoning, gin, and bladder infections. However, if you have a bladder infection, it is wise to seek medical assistance first. Just so you understand, Juniper Berry does not aid in the weight loss process, even though it is sometimes found in diet products.

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