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Women across the United States are tired of trying to battle muscle-heads for a place in the gym. Just Ladies Fitness has a solution. Visit a gym that does not allow men. The “for women only” business model has been done by Curves and other similar gyms, but Just Ladies Fitness is different. This gym offers upper body, lower body and cardio equipment. There are no timed circuits here, so the ladies can have a gym comparable to the men. The monthly price for membership to Just Ladies Fitness is $25. There is no mention of a start-up fee, but most gyms charge a larger upfront price at the time of sign-up.

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Ladies only gym.

Product Features

Just Ladies Fitness offers something completely different from other comparable companies. This gym provides group fitness classes, aerobics, cardio equipment, the Shapemaster Toning System and certified personal trainers. Imagine your local gym packed with only women and you gain a visual of the Just Ladies Fitness floor.

The gym is relatively small with only five locations in Oklahoma and Kansas. Dieters living in Tulsa, Broken Arrow or Wichita can join the local Just Ladies Fitness gym, but the rest of the United States will have to sit back and wait for the corporation to expand.

Gym memberships are ideal for women who want a variety of workouts throughout the month and dedicate time to working out most days of the week. Beginning dieters should steer clear of a gym membership until they have dedicated regular time to walking or bike riding. Most dieters jump into a gym membership only to fall off the diet and fitness program in a few short weeks.

Just Ladies Fitness will likely never be located in small towns. The business model is targeted to women only. If a new gym opens, women must first pay off the current gym membership at the conventional gym before heading over to Just Ladies Fitness. This can take time. Targeting only ½ the population also means surrounding the gym with more people, thus more potential gym members.

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  • Cost of gym membership is comparable to other gym chains.
  • Focused on women, the largest portion of the weight loss population.
  • Provides traditional gym gear and workout machines.


  • Only a few locations are currently available.
  • Dieters must live in Oklahoma or Kansas to join the gym.
  • May have a large start-up or sign-up fee.


Just Ladies Fitness is a unique gym for women only. The gym appears to be similar to other traditional gyms, but women are the only people who can join. Some women trying to lose weight may feel overpowered by thin women working out. Overall the gym idea is sound, but there are too few to impact many dieters.

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